Christening With Hog Roast Ewell

We have probably catered for every event imaginable over the past 30 plus years here at hog roast Ewell- weddings, christenings, birthdays, corporate events you name it we have probably catered for it! We really do enjoy our job and we all agree it doesn’t even feel like work most of the time. We tend to cater for the same people too time and time again and that is one of the biggest compliments ever when a customer comes back.

On Sunday we were catering for another regular Jill it was her grandsons christening and she was hosting the after party at her lovely home and we were very happy when she asked us to cater with a hog roast Ewell. She has lovely land and out buildings at the back of her home perfect for us to cater in. When we arrived we were met as always with a lovely cup of tea we had a little catch up with her then left her to get ready for the church then we began to cook.

We were cooking lamb and we brought a lovely huge piece with us lamb cooks perfectly on our machines so tender and retaining all the goodness like meat should do. When the lamb cooked we shredded it and were going to place the meat in sandwiches along with lots of lovely fresh crunchy salad. As the guests arrived form the church we were ready to serve the lamb. It was simply amazing so tender and the guests enjoyed the sandwiches we were told by lots that the meat “melts in the mouth!” and we have to agree so tender as always. The baby was just adorable and not a pick of bother he just sat in his pushchair looking around wondering what all the fuss was about.

We left some cards on the table as we cleared away and lots of the guests took one. Jill was extremely grateful as always and said again we had done ourselves proud she does make us feel good! On the journey home we had a telephone call from one of the guests at the Christening asking if we could come and cater for a party the following week with our hog roast Ewell- we were happy to agree!