Diamond Wedding Anniversary – Hog Roast Witley

We’ve just catered a Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebration with one of our winter warmer hog roast Witley menus and we left all of the guests there full and happy. Bob and Marlene asked us to cook up a lovely roast hog for their family and friends, but as the weather is getting decidedly chillier, they asked us to provide a hot meal of freshly roasted pork and crackling and fresh seasonal veg rather than the pigs in buns they asked us to serve at their last party we catered.

At this time of year, it’s often an ideal time to serve a hog roast Witley outdoors, as it’s not too warm or too cold, but especially in the evening you may want something a bit hotter to warm your cockles. That’s where the winter warmer comes in and it’s proved popular year after year from autumn onwards. Nearer Christmas, we also offer a festive menu with scrummy options like turkey, cranberry, mulled wine and mince pies, so you may want to keep that in mind for your December parties.

For this couple’s party at home, we prepared and roasted a small hog in the back garden for a few short hours, and put together a tray of their favourite seasonal vegetables of parsnips, butternut squash, and cabbage. We also prepared and cooked those vegetables from fresh, too, like we always do, and they roasted away underneath the hog. Bob and Marlene’s 3 children came to decorate the home and garden while we cooked and they couldn’t resist taking a peek at the pig that was creating the most delicious aromas, and they also asked if they could sneak some! A hog roast Witley is ready when it’s ready, and this little beast was not yet ready to eat, unfortunately, so they would have to wait for the party.

By the time all the guests had arrived, the hog was definitely ready, and cooked to perfection, just like the veg. We made our own gravy to pour over the meat and accompaniments, and served everyone the pork slices, crackling pieces, and vegetables as soon as we could. The hungry guests, especially the couple’s children, just couldn’t wait any longer!