Hog roast catering service

Nutfield is a lovely little village. Only about two or three thousand people live here, so it’s quiet and, well, “idyllic” I guess you’d call it. The village has a conservation area and a railway station, located just over a mile away from the centre of the village. In the centre of the village is Nutfield Court. As a hog roast caterer, my work takes me all around Nutfield.

Me and my team offer hog roast Nutfield, a hog roast catering service, and hog roast hire Nutfield, where clients hire hog roast machines from us. We’ve been in this business a long time. So, whether you’re after hog roast Nutfield or hog roast hire Nutfield, we’re the team for you.
January, at the start, was a bit quiet – everyone’s broke, obviously, what with the party season and the sales and that. But we got booked for an engagement party and hired out a machine for a birthday party towards the middle of January, and after that business picked up again and we were busy, catering weddings, hiring a machine for a party to commemorate the anniversary of a local business, and several other events.

This month, we’ve been pretty busy so far. One of my favourite events was hiring a machine for the annual dinner of a local book club. When we got to the venue – a community centre – I’d got talking to our clients and found out that the club grew from a bunch of friends meeting in each others’ houses every Sunday afternoon until it got too big to be held in people’s houses and they had to move.

We’ve got a new baby party booked, another wedding, and a ten year anniversary, as well as a function for a local office coming up.