Spitting Pig Surrey’s hog roasts on the big screen

Welcome to another exciting Spitting Pig surrey blog!

I’m busy all week this week as we are preparing  and roasting tasty hogs for a local television production company.  That’s right the famous Spitting Pig Surrey hog roasts will be featuring in a banquet scene in a medieval drama which will be on our screens later this year.  We have done various film and TV work in the past and our hogs have appeared in numerous television programmes and films. 

It’s very exciting to be part of an experience like this and to see the finished product on screen.  Its very different from when we offer our catering services to an event or private party as more often then not the hog roast is not eaten!  Sometimes it can take hours and hours t get a scene exactly right so after all this time under the hot studio lights this hog roast cannot be eaten for health and safety reasons.  Such a waste of a tasty treat but still a real sense of achievement to see our magnificent hog roast taking centre stage in a beautiful banquet scene. 

So we will be working with the crew (and a few famous faces!!) Monday – Friday this week and then another busy weekend of catering and delivering machines all over Surrey.  Join us next month for our March blog update.