Anniversary Catering With Hog Roast Byfleet!

As Hog Roast Byfleet are becoming a fairly big name within the wedding catering business, we are finding that we frequently get repeat customers who had their wedding catered by our team a few years ago and now wanted us to cater for them at their anniversary too. We think this such a lovely opportunity as it is great to see old customers still happily enjoying married life and when we provide them with a Hog Roast Byfleet feast it is always brilliant to see them reminiscing about their special day.

Hog Roast Byfleet This time, Hog Roast Byfleet were catering for Leonard and Kim’s 10 year wedding anniversary! When they called us up to book, we couldn’t believe a whole decade had passed since we last saw them, and they told us they had been looking for an excuse to host another Hog Roast Byfleet ever since they got married but wanted to savour it for another special occasion. We promised them that we would do everything in our power to provide a delicious meal that would take them, and their guests back to their special day.

At their wedding the couple had gone all out and ordered a formal three course hog roast meal with all the trimmings including a canapes and drinks service. They told us that ten years on all they cared about was the hog as the taste had stuck in their minds all these years and they couldn’t wait to try our succulent slow roasted meat and cackling again.

For this reason, it made perfect sense to let the hog do the talking by serving up a classic slow roasted hog with crackling and applesauce on freshly baked rolls. By the time serve time arrived, Leonard and Kim were desperate to get a taste and with the first bite we knew from the look on their faces we had exceeded all their expectations…