Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine HireAlthough the overwhelming majority of our customers love our bespoke hog and spit roast catered events, there are an ever increasing amount of our clients in and around the Surrey area who love taking advantage of our Surrey hog roast machine hire service. This option allows our clients the opportunity to try a Leatherhead hog roast machine for themselves and is a great way of understanding just why we love it so much. We had a large task on our hands when we entered the hog and spit roasting trade over 20 years ago.

The first and most major obstacle to overcome was the lack of machine technology available in the market-place for our needs as bespoke caterers. To overcome this, we had to embark upon our own design and manufacturing project, here in Britain. By running our Surbiton hog roast catering company parallel with our in-house design and manufacturing operations as regards our hog roasting machines, it has given us the ability to create highly effective machines very quickly. Today, our large range of hog and spit roasting machines (which you can buy from us complete with various accessory packages) are the market leaders by a highly considerable margin. This is due to their high performance, ease of use and absolute reliability. There is simply no other manufacturer offering anything close.

Perfect Solution For Any Catering Budget

Due to our confidence in our Spitting Pig machines, we feel that the hire option is just another way any of our customers can get involved in the hog roasting process themselves. Through our love of the hog and spit roast itself, the very idea that we are spreading the experience of hog roasting around is one we particularly enjoy. When you hire a hog roasting machine from us, you can benefit in various ways as regards your event. First of all, if you hire a machine for a weekend you can use it as often as you like as and when you please. On top of this, you can gain from the privacy of having no outside caterers at your event should that neccesity arise. Allowing you to get to grips with one of the finest methods of meat roasting available the hire option is understandably fast becoming a favourite of our vast and diverse client base. Our larger and more popular hog roasting machine as regards the hire option, is the Titan Hog Roasting Machine.

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This fully stainless steel machine is designed for sheer catering capability, coupled with exceptional ease of use. Great for cooking pigs up to 65 kilograms in weight, this machine also makes light work of roasting potatoes in the juicy pork basting fat which runs clear into the tray as your hog cooks. Simply gorgeous! On top of this, as with all of our hog and spit roasting machines, the machine is so exceptionally easy to use that you just literally place the pig in the tray, switch the machine on and sit back. You and your guests can continually observe the roasting hog through the glass viewing panel ensuring that your guests feel engaged with the cooking and roasting process at all times. These machines have four sturdy wheels and pneumatic tyres – allowing for effortless portability for the whole time you have the machine with you. Great for feeding any number of people up to around 300 people (if you use boned and rolled pork joints as well as a 65 kilo pig), these machines are an effortless way of making sumptuous food at any event or occasion.

We also offer our smaller machine in our hire option portfolio. Known as our Professional Hog Roast Machine, these machines are exceptionally good at hog roasting for smaller numbers of people – by utilising pigs up to 40 kilograms in weight. Although the Titan Hog Roast Machine is the last word in lightweight stainless steel machine technology, the Professional is a compact way of serving delightful food to lesser numbers of people. Ideal for small gatherings, these machines highlight our flexibility when it comes to providing our customers with the right product for them. When you book a Hog Roast Machine Hire with us, we will deliver the machine to you at your event location as this is included in the cost. Also included in the cost is a gas bottle capable of roasting in excess of one pig at your chosen location. After the hire period has expired, we will collect the hog roasting machine from you at your location and take it away. If the machine has not been cleaned, there will however be a nominal cleaning fee attached. With a complete and comprehensive service like our hire option, more customers than ever are getting involved in the hog and spit roasting process which is the finest and most taste-inspiring way to roast meat.


At Spitting Pig we don’t just offer you the option to enjoy our freshly prepared food by our top chefs, we also offer you the option to have a go at cooking your chosen meat by yourself in our hog roast machines with a variety of hires available to suit your needs. We have two different types of spit roast machines available for hire with various attachment types that make a huge range of cooking styles and meat varieties able to be enjoyed. The Titan machines are definitely our most popular machines, offering a larger cooking solution for your meats, these machines are 6ft in length and 3ft in width with a wheel base and glass viewing panel. They can hold weights of animals up to 60-65kg on a spit pole or in a hog tray. For these great machines we also offer the choice of a chicken spit which can hold on average 30 chickens depending on size, and lets your guests see the chickens cooking to perfection through the glass viewing panel. Our smaller more agile machines are known as the professional machines offering the same great cooking ability in a smaller form to make it easier to manoeuvre around tighter accessible areas. These hog roast ovens can hold on average around a 35kg animal either on the spit pole or in the hog base which is perfect for cooking a fresh suckling pig or small lamb. We can also offer a smaller chicken spit to go with these machines.

There are 3 types of hires we offer here at the spitting pig. If you simply want just the machine without any meats or other equipment then that can easily be arranged and we can drop the clean machine off to you at the site of your event along with enough gas to cover over 7 hours of cooking. We then come back after your event and pick up the used machine be it clean or dirty, however we do charge a small amount if you would like to return the machine dirty.

The second type of hog roast hire we are able to offer is either the professional or titan machines with a selection of different meats for your enjoyment, be this a whole pig or lamb from our local butcher we are able to get most types of meat to suit your needs. Along with the gas to cook your chosen meat this can all be delivered to your event site either the day of your event or beforehand to ensure your meat is fresh and you are able to cook it all in time for your service.

Our deluxe hire option includes the set up of a full event by our team including condiments, tableware, side dishes, serving table, chafing dishes with fuel, an optional pop up gazebo and other items along with one or more of our great machines plus meats of your choice. This hire option gives you total satisfaction knowing that all you have to do is turn the machine on and your meat will be cooked to perfection. Our team that drops the equipment off will also quite happily score & salt your pig if required as well giving you all the knowledge needed to cook and carve your meat turning you into the Master Chef for the day.

All our hire options have been thought up to give you a stress free and easy event so that you can really enjoy your day. We are happy to give any optional extras with your hire/s and this can all be discussed when arranging a hire from us. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and all website enquiries will be answered within 24 hours. Summer dates book out extremely fast so please do get in quick to ensure your event can be accommodated.