Hog Roast Catering


The prospect of having a fantastic hog roast in Bagshot, a hog roast in Farnham or a hog roast in Cobham for your catered event is a reality from the moment you fill in our enquiry form or pick up the phone to call our office. Unlike many other catering firms out there, our service begins from the very outset. Believing that our customers should experience the minimum amount of stress when it comes to booking in their ideal hog roast event, our dedicated team take great care to make the menu selection and booking process as simple and as carefree for our clients as possible.

Personalised Menu Options

This process may begin here on this website you can begin by simply entering in your enquiry details in the Contact Us section of the website its that simple. An integral part and aspect of our easy to use set-up is our menu section. Here, we have devised three main, categorised areas which reflect the wishes of the vast majority of our past customers. Of course, as a comprehensive and bespoke hog and spit roast catering service, we can cater for pretty much any menu request – however, the menus that we have on display are a great way for you to see what we can do for you. If from there you wish to tailor your own menu, it is not a problem at all after all, it is your event and we want it to be just how you like it.

Highest Quality Hog Roasts

The first main area of our menus is the Private Party Menu selection. Here, our clients can set up salads 9browse through a range of menus which may be just what they are looking for at their next event. Great for a friendly get together, summer party or just an informal gathering, these menus exhibit a range in ingredient options as well as service styles. Our Menu 1 option, for example, is popular with the summer garden party clients – as sometimes a spit roasted pork, crackling and stuffing roll is just what you need to help the beer go down (believe me, there are few things better)! From there, our menus escalate in terms of ingredients with our clients having the option to opt for seasonal salads, other spit roasted meats, or canapes also.
As ever, our clients can ‘chop and change’ as regards the menus to their hearts content however, the menus displayed exhibit popular choices from people in and around the Surrey area all there for your convenience and ease of viewing. The second option as regards our list of manu categories is our Corporate Hospitality Menu selection. Over our many years in the hog and spit roast catering trade, we have conducted hundreds of catering assignments at corporate functions. The advantages that hog roasting brings to such meetings cannot be overestimated.

Hog Roast Hire In Surrey

This is whay our catering services have been the focal point of corporate meetings of the very highest echelons in the City of London, amongst other places also. The very nature of Hog Roasting is essentially native to everywhere on Earth – irrespective of nationality. Due to its history as being the most ancient yet most wonderful method of roasting, it excludes no-one. Particularly useful when corporate events have various nationalities attending. As well as this, the food is of such a stunning standard that everyone is always made to feel that bit more special – due in part to the majestic yet understated theatre of our spit roasted food. Served with implicit attention to detail when it comes to service, our staff are always attentive and always helpful.

The online menus are laid out for your convenience – and as ever you can specify as much or as little as you like when it comes to adjustments you wish to make when it comes to booking your corporate catering with us. Finally (but absolutely not leastly) on our menu list is our Wedding Catering Menu options. The menus shown in this section exhibit the features which weddings suit – for example various service times as well as varied courses. A culmination of our finest food and most exacting attention to detail, our wedding catering assignments have been received incredibly well. Providing food that other forms of catering simply cannot hope to match, our flame roasted food coupled with delectable accompaniments has helped to create some of the finest event food we’ve made. With an absolute approach to providing the most exacting terms of event service, our wedding food shows you just why the restaurants are quaking in their boots!