Hog Roast FAQS

1.Can anyone cook a pig even if I have no experience?
Yes we will give full instructions to you about cooking times and carving when we drop the hire machine off, we will even salt the pig for you to help ensure the perfect crackling.

2. How long does it take to cook a pig?
Of course cooking times depend on the size of the pig but generally speaking a 50kg pig will take 5 hours to cook.

3. Can we cook other types of meat on the machine?
Yes lamb is always popular and takes around 3.5 hours to cook, we also can supply attachments to cook 24 chickens at the same time, fillets of beef or even turn the machine into a bbq and cook fish.

4. If you cook the pig for us what will you bring?
Our chef will turn up around 8 hours before your serve time, he will bring serving tables, table cloths, chefs whites, a gazebo for shade from the elements, all his utensils for carving and serving, apple sauce, sage & onion stuffing and baps for our most basic menu.

5. Can you cook inside?
Yes indeed our machines can safely be used to cook inside with no fat spilt and no smoke produced.

6. Do your machines use coal or gas?
All our machines cook with gas, speeding up cooking time and ensuring an even temperature at all times.

7. Can I buy a machine?
Yes we manufacture all our machines in the UK and they are available to be purchased by members of the public just check our website out for more information. www.spittingpig.co.uk

8. Ho w many people can you serve with one pig?
Generally speaking with a 50kg pig you will be able to serve around 120 people for pig in a bun.

9. How far in advance do we need to book?
We are busy year round but especially in summer so it is always best to book a couple of months in advance especially for weekend events.

10. Are your chefs trained?
Yes all our chefs go through a rigorous training regime to make sure that your event will run smoothly.

11. I have seen a pig cooked turning around and another cooked not turning which is best?
Both ways will cook to perfection, when a pig is cooked in a hog tray it does not turn around which means it will not need a motor and you can just turn it on and leave it, with spit roasting it takes a bit more experience but people seem to enjoy watching them go around and around. Both ways are great but please speak to us and we can advise you on the best way for your particular event.

12. There are a lot of companies out there why choose Spitting Pig?
Spitting Pig has been around for over 25 years and has been built up through attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure your event is a success. We are not a casual company that does the odd job at weekends and as such the service, quality and experience is second to none.

13. How do I book?
Just call the number on the website or send us an email we will then get to grips with the event you are planning and go through your menu, timings, location and various other information that we need to help make sure your event goes smoothly.

14. Do you cover the whole of the England?
Yes indeed and even Scotland and Ireland to.

15. Are you insured?
Yes all our teams are fully insured with public liability insurance.