Christmas Party Hog Roast, Artington.

Today at Spitting Pig Surrey we catered for Brian and his lovely associates for their annual Christmas party near Artington. The team had opted for a spit roast hog as they really wanted the visual effects of the pig turning. Alongside the spit roast pork we served the 80 guests our great selection of bread rolls and wraps, lovely and rich sage and onion stuffing made using the meat juices, proper English butchers sausages grilled to perfection, roasted baby new potatoes and a selection of three freshly prepared salads. To finish the dish, people were able to help themselves to a selection of sauces and dressings for the salads. The company had also opted for a selection of 5 different canapes to be served by our skilled waiting staff whilst the spit roast pork was slowly roasting, and desserts of lemon tart and chocolate torte which went down a treat.

We arrived on site nice and early to be able to start cooking the spit roast pork. We cook a 50kg pig on the spit for 6 hours to ensure it is nice and tender for the guests we are serving. We set up our two 3x3m black gazebos and arranged our equipment throughout to work in an effective way. Brian met us on site and was immediately taken back when we had set everything up. Our black and white theme can sit into any background and look great. Once we had our preparation area and serving areas set out we could get to work on the five different canapes that were to be served. Brian had opted for mini Yorkshire puddings filled with delicious fillet of beef and served with horseradish cream, smoked salmon served en croute with cream cheese and a fresh lemon and dill dressing, mini duck wraps, served with a homemade plum sauce, an Indian range of onion bhajis, spring rolls and pakoras and pork belly stacks with our homemade apple glaze. The canapes were a real showcase of what we can do and so it took some time before we had everything ready to be able to plate up.

After we had prepared the canapes we turned our attention to the main course. As the main part of this was the spit roast pork that had been cooking for a few hours and smelt divine, we only had to prepare the salads which were a fresh green leaf, homemade coleslaw and tomato, mozzarella and basil and the roasted baby new potatoes which we did with time to spare before the start of service. We had two members of staff serving our canapes and two serving the clients drinks for them to make life easier. The canapes started and people couldn’t get enough, everyone loved the variety that was on offer and many compliments came back with groups of people opting for different canapes as their favourite. For the main course, everyone was seated and a small speech ceremony took place whereby people were congratulated for the outstanding year they had been part of and a few awards given out. We had already started to prepare the desserts by this point as the hog roast Artington main was ready and being served by our skilled waitresses. The food was served extremely quickly and with many people coming back for more. The theater of the spit roast hog is like nothing else and the taste was unforgettable. Compliments were flooding back to the preparation area as we assembled the desserts.

Once the main course had been enjoyed by the 80 guests, they had a short break before we put out the desserts. This was served buffet style and so people came up as and when they were ready to take a dessert of their choice. All the food went down very well with everyone thoroughly enjoying every course. Brian personally came and thanked us all for our hard work and ensured he would be booking again for next years party. Another fantastic winter hog roast in Artington from Spitting Pig Surrey.