Engagement Party – Hog Roast Chertsey

We’ve provided a fantastic party catering service for more than two decades now, supplying all kinds of food for birthdays, weddings, christenings and many more celebrations. Whatever you have in mind, from a hen night to a baby shower, we can help you to make the occasion a success by feeding your guests succulent hog roast rolls or tasty spit roast chicken, and even other food items like canapés, fish dishes and vegetarian options. Don’t let our brand name fool you, as we not only cook hog roasts in Chertsey but lots of different kinds of meat, too. While we are highly experienced and famous for our hog roasts, we are also very popular because of our ability to provide your party or event with any kind of food items that you might have in mind, for any budget, for any number of guests and even in any type of weather. You wouldn’t believe how versatile we are unless you’ve experienced it!

Jordan and Mandy couldn’t believe it either… For their engagement party recently, they had been recommended to us by friends who had loved our professional catering at their wedding a few years ago. They contacted us to see what we could provide in terms of a hog roast in Chertsey and happened to say that they were planning on hiring another catering company to supply other kinds of food options, including a vegetarian main and some salads and potato dishes. When we told them we could easily do that if they wanted and told them all about our various menu choices, they were surprised. When we then told them they could always create their own bespoke menu and we would be happy to adapt to their needs, they also booked us for their wedding reception! This was before they’d even tried our food, which says a lot about our great service.

The engagement party was a great success and the couple were more than happy that they’d already decided to use us as their wedding caterers too. They loved our pigs in buns with apple sauce and stuffing so much that it will also be their main course next summer when they get married.