Spit Roasted Hog For A 60th Party

A hog roast is a truly impressive and captivating sight for any kind of party or event that you may be planning, and the aromas filling the air will make your guests’ mouths water – and yours too. It’s all part and parcel of the whole hog roast experience, which is a fabulous way to cater, regardless of the type of function in mind. When you use Hog Roast East Molesey to cater, you’ll get many years of experience from our knowledgeable professionals, dedicated service and a high degree of flexibility too. We’re proud to offer so much variety, so that everyone invited can relish our gorgeous offerings, no matter their taste preferences or dietary needs.

For Denise’s 60th birthday party recently, Hog Roast East Molesey was asked to cook our Menu 4 for 70 guests, including a hog to be spit-roasted. We tend to slow-roast a hog in a tray for most of our customers, but sometimes we are asked for the spit-Surrey - pig - spit2roast version instead, which we can always do if preferred. It can be even more of a theatrical experience for your guests, to see a pig fixed to a pole and turning while cooking. Additionally, for this celebration, we were asked to provide some fresh salad dishes, including a pasta salad and our homemade coleslaw. In the summer months, we like to add slices of watermelon to some of the salads, as it’s really refreshing on a hot day.

On the day of Denise’s milestone birthday party, Chef Paul and his Hog Roast East Molesey team arrived hours before serving time in order to set up our equipment and to prepare the meat and start spit-roasting it. The marquee next to our gazebo had been beautifully decorated, with wine bottle candles and confetti on the tables and birthday balloons and floral arrangements providing a great backdrop.

By 8.30pm, after hours of the pig rotating until dizzy and then a short rest for the meat, it was finally time to serve Denise and her guests some gorgeous, homemade food, so Chef Paul got the carving knives out, sliced off the lovely crackling and carved up the hog, ready to plate up.