Wedding Reception – Hog Roast Ashtead

When planning your wedding food, it’s such an important part of your big day and you will need to know that you’re in capable hands. The Spitting Pig has catered many marriage celebrations over many years now (we started up more than thirty years ago!) and we’re well-known professionals who have the experience and the dedication to help make your wedding reception a great success. Plus you’ll be happy to know that here at Hog Roast Ashtead we offer many menu options but we’re also very adaptable to your needs, so that means helping you to create your own bespoke menu if you prefer.

Grant and Suzanne contacted us about their wedding reception main meal some time ago, having been kindly recommended by a friend of theirs whose wedding we had catered, as they had a hog roast feast in mind. We let them know how many people a typical Hog Roast Ashtead can feed on a real plate and asked about the number of guests invited, and we worked out that a 40kg beast would be perfect for what they wanted – enough for seconds for everyone if needed as well as leftovers for some to take home. We offer a winter warmer menu later in the year, but for this autumn wedding, the couple wanted our sumptuous hog roast rolls (our famous ‘pigs in buns’).

In addition to the hog roast Ashtead buffet, Grant and Suzanne asked us to provide a sit-down starter and dessert, as well as a vegetarian option for one of the guests. They were eager to book our tomato soup and salmon starters, a veggie burger and side salad for the vegetarian, and our gorgeous summer fruits pudding that features fresh strawberries and fruit coulis.

We catered the beautiful informal wedding reception on Saturday evening, and served lots of happy guests lots of our lovely food. There was plenty of meat to go around and several guests called dibs on the leftovers.

Grant and Suzanne couldn’t thank us enough for our excellent service and delightful food and they decided to book us in for their next party already – to celebrate their new addition to the family, as they have just found out they are expecting!