Hog Roast Addlestone

The Best Hog Roasts in Addlestone

AddlestoneAnyone who’s been to Addlestone in Surrey will no doubt be familiar with the splendid Crouch Oak, a 1,000 year old tree which is known and loved by all the local people in the town. We at hog roast Addlestone have always been fascinated by the legend that Queen Elizabeth I once enjoyed a picnic by the tree. I do hope it was a hog roast, which would make us very proud indeed! Well, being in the Runnymede district, not far from where King John signed the Magna Carta back in the year 1215, the area must have seen quite a number of banquets and parties over the centuries, and that’s one tradition that continues to this day, if our order books are anything to go by.

Leaders In Our Field

One of our most entertaining functions last summer was a 21st birthday party, with 100 guests. What a fabulous night – a really happy atmosphere, made all the more so because everyone was tucking into one of our delicious hog roast buffet packages. What’s more, they all had huge appetites when they arrived, because they had just spent the day at Thorpe Park up the road, on all the white-knuckle rides – The Swarm, Stealth, Colossus, Samurai and the Vortex. So when the starters appeared, the guests pounced on them with great gusto! Tomato and mozzarella mini pizzas, mini quiche, dim sum and feta cheese skewers. Then it was time for the magnificent hog roast, but not before the birthday boy posed for photos with it – along with our chef! The guests looked abqasolutely delighted as they savoured the slices of tender, hog roast Addlestone pig with apple sauce, stuffing and crispy salads. There were five vegetarians at the party, but they certainly didn’t miss out, as we had already arranged a mouth-watering array of goodies for them. You see, we had been at the venue for several hours before the party started, in order to prepare all of the dishes from scratch, including slow roasting the meat. After the pork main dish, there was fresh fruit salad and a beautiful birthday cake that looked like a miniature Ferrari. Of course, this called for more photos of the new 21 year old cutting his car-shaped cake, before we discreetly wheeled it away and cut it into slices for the guests to help themselves after the fruit salad. There’s nothing more rewarding to our hog roast Addlestone team than to watch a room full of smiling people, sharing a sumptuous meal that we have prepared just the way they like it.

The champagne was flowing, the music was swirling around the room, the cameras were flashing; truly an evening to remember, not just for the birthday guest of honour, but for our team, too! We quickly cleared away the crockery and disposable napkins and left the party-goers with nice full tummies to enjoy the rest of their night – although when we left it was very much the next morning, and the guests were still dancing!