Hog Roast Bagshot

The Best Hog Roasts in Bagshot

BagshotWhat a pleasure it is to be able to operate as the hog roast hire Bagshot caterer. This quiet small village which is located in the North West corner of Surrey really has got a lot going for it, which makes it the perfect place for being a hog roast Bagshot caterer. The village may only have just over 5000 residents but they make up for this with their big appetites and welcoming smiles. Bagshot is located only 27 miles southwest of London which makes it an easy commute to the capital. What makes being a hog roast Bagshot caterer so rewarding is the beautiful surroundings I get to work in and the welcoming vibe that the residents give you as soon as you step foot in the village. Being a hog roast hire Bagshot caterer really is fantastic.

Hog roasts have become extremely popular around the U.K and the reason for this is because a hog roast is perfect for any occasion be it a; wedding, birthday or corporal event, a hog roast is sure to get smiles on people’s faces. This huge increase in demand has meant I have been lucky enough to be able to travel all over Bagshot and cater for many brilliant events.

I have had the pleasure of being able to provide great hog roasts to the residents of Bagshot, and many are still surprised at the superb quality of my equipment and the tenderness of my hog roast. The secret to a great hog roast is simply quality over quantity; the machines are all CE registered which gives the residents of Bagshot guarantees that I provide tried and tested, real quality machines. The meat is all handpicked by me so I can make sure the quality and tenderness is of the highest standard. We catered for a fancy dress Halloween event recently where Lamb was the chosen meat. This of course has the same high standard of care put into the roasting. It was slow roasted with garlic and rosemary added to it. Barbequed prawns also made their way onto the menu with some gammon accompanied by a spicy sauce. The spooky affair was concluded with a mass of fireworks for the party goers to enjoy after a filling and scrumptious meal!

I am also glad to be able to offer the residents of Bagshot the chance to rent their own hog roast machine. The machines are very user friendly and are extremely easy to use, so no need to worry about burning the hog! The machines are of such a high quality that even other hog roast caterers are using them. If the competition is using your product you know you are doing something right. There are two different hog roast machines you can hire, both of the same quality and standard, but 1 is bigger than the other. The smaller of the machines can cook a 35kg pig of and the larger can cook a whooping 90kg pig. The machines are designed and manufactured by my own company which means I am able to provide versatility to my customers, so there are many attachments with the machines that they can cook different meats on. A lot of people I cater for are a little shocked at how long it actually takes to cook a pig. I tend spend around 6 hours slow cooking the pig so that all the flavours infuse and the crackling is perfect., so although it may take a while, it is most definitely worth the wait.Although I spend along time roasting the pig I absolutely love it! The smell that comes from the pig whilst it is being roasted is mouth watering and I just love seeing people take their first bite of the meat, as I know they will never have experienced anything as delicious. The people of Bagshot love a get together and community spirit here is second to none.

Leaders in Our Field

IMG_3116So when I do an event in Bagshot I know it is going to be something special. I have done many formal events such as weddings and there have been some very memorable occasions. I have also done birthday parties and BBQ’s, which are a lot of fun as everyone seems to love the hog roast (who can blame them!) There are selection of different menus you can choose from, so you are not stuck to one variety of food. My favourite menu has to be the “Pig in a bun”. This is spit roast pig served into bread rolls with apple sauce and crispy crackling. The combination of the apple sauce, meat and cracking all served in a bread bun is tantalising on my taste buds.

If you are reading my blog because you are from Bagshot and are interested in a hog roast event then look no further. I will personally attend your event and produce for you the most exquisite hog roast you have ever had the pleasure of seeing and tasting. I am 100% confident in my ability to produce top quality hog roasts for the people of Bagshot.