Hog Roast Banstead

The Best Hog Roasts in Banstead

BansteadWhat a fantastic place it is to be a hog roast Banstead caterer. Banstead and resides in the county of Surrey. Nork Park in Banstead contains the remains of the Coleman family mansion and many of the apple trees from the original orchid have survived. This is one of many landmarks situated in Banstead. As you can see the town really is a great place to be hog roast Banstead caterer.

I travel all over Banstead catering for many different occasions from weddings to corporal events; nothing is too small or too big. The town may only have just over 8000 residents but they make up for this through their exquisite taste in food and their friendly open attitudes. Not only are the people of Banstead brilliant, the town itself is full of life, with many different shops and activities available to the community. Hog roast hire Banstead over the past few years has become extremely popular with the residents of the town and I am very pleased to be able to deliver such a great service to them. With the rise in demand becomes more work, but this does not affect the quality that I intend to deliver on every event I cater for. I only use the finest meats when catering so that the customers can taste every infused flavour. My aim is to leave with every guest fully satisfied and with big smiles on their faces. The hog roast hire Banstead machines are of the highest quality and are all CV registered which means the customers know that they have all been tried and tested and are of the highest standard possible. My machines are of that high a quality that rival Hog roast services pay to purchase them.

I am also pleased to offer the residents of Banstead the chance to rent their own hog roast Surrey - platemachine. The machines that I rent out are still all CE registered and are of the exact same quality of the machines that I use myself. The hog roast machines are very simple to use and you do not need to be a trained chef to use it. If we felt that training was needed to use them we would not rent them out. There are two types of machines you can rent from me, one being bigger than the other. The smaller hog roast machine can roast a 35kg pig and the bigger machine can roast a huge 90kg pig. Not only can you roast pigs but because my machines are all designed and manufactured by my company this means that they are very versatile and you can cook a number of different meats using the optional extras available with the machine. They also cost a lot less to rent than you may think, we pride ourselves on producing top quality machines that are at a good price to our customers.

Leaders In Our Field

You can order me and my team to an event and we will make it a truly memorable occasion. We will cook and serve the meat for you and discreetly dispose of all left over rubbish. There are a variety of different menus you can book me to cook for you, or you can create your own tailor made menu. My favourite menu is menu 2 off the private party menu. This consists of spit roasted pig served in a bun with apple sauce, stuffing and crispy crackling (absolutely delicious!) Many people are surprised at the amount of time it takes me to cook a pig, but the longer the pig is roasting for, the juicier and tender it will be. I slow cook every piece of meat so that the flavours have a chance to infuse and we can safely say that the crackling off the pig is crunchy and mouth watering. We have been invited to cater at many different kinds of events over the years with the number of guests ranging from 10 to 1000+. Here at hog roast Banstead, we firmly believe that any number of guests should be catered for with the upmost professionalism and class. Weddings often bring in large numbers to cater for but every once in a while there is a small, intimate wedding gathering we cater for. Held in a small converted barn, this wedding was a particular amazing location for us to cater at. Once the guests had taken their seats we began to serve the main chosen by the bride and groom which was whole spit roasted Turkey served with fresh Cranberries and Sage & Onion stuffing with a selection of salad and some warm new potatoes in herb butter. Desserts were then rolled out when the mains had been polished off which were Summer Pudding and chocolate torte. A toast from the groom was the perfect way to end the night. He expressed his love for his new bride and everyone who had made their big day extra special, including a special thank you to hog roast Banstead for our professional service on the day.

If you are look for a hog roast service in Banstead then look no further. We guarantee you will not find a better company than ourselves for this kind of event. We pride ourselves on going beyond normal customer satisfaction by making sure every little detail is perfect and exactly what you want for your event. Don’t forget you can hire you own machine and wow your friends and family with deliciously succulent meat and crispy crackling that’s enough to make any fussy eater happy.