Hog Roast Byfleet

The Best Hog Roasts in Byfleet

ByfleetHog roast Byfleet is the perfect place to be a caterer. This small village has got a lot of opportunities and a lot going for it. The village may only have just over 7000 residents but they make up for this with their warm welcoming attitude as soon as you step foot in the village. I think I speak for the whole community when I say what a pleasure it was to be able to have Parvis road as part of the route for the 2012 summer Olympics men’s and women’s road race. The atmosphere was electric and you got a real sense of national pride, not only were the crowd amazing but the route was lined with 2012 Olympics banners making it quite a spectacle.

Another thing I love about being a hog roast Byfleet caterer is that there is a farmers market held on the first Saturday of every month. This gives me the chance to buy delicious quality meat that is locally sourced for all my customers. The animals get to graze on some fantastic fields and this is the reason why the meat is so tender and succulent. I will roast the meat for around 5 hours so that I know that when a customer takes a bite, they will instantly have a smile on their face. Not only does this process mean succulent meat but spit roasting also delivers an incredible crackling that should be enjoyed by everyone.

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We cater for all kinds of occasions from weddings, birthdays, BBQ’s and corporate events, nothing is too big or too small. I aim to deliver the highest quality standards at any event I am catering for and I pride myself on making sure that every single customer is 100% satisfied with the level of service I have given them. Having a hog roast at your Surrey - salad8event will make it a truly memorable occasion, and with the smell of a pig roast Byfleet drifting through the air, all your friends, families and associates are sure to have great big smiles on their faces.

No matter how big or small an event may be or wherever the location; hog roast Byfleet are willing to cater any event. We often cater at private parties at guest’s houses like a recent event in west Byfleet. We arrived at the location at 2:30pm in order to set up the machine and get the hog roasting. The meat is cooked for a minimum of 5 hours leaving a gorgeous infusion of flavour in the meat. The serve time was 8pm and by that time the guests were licking their lips in anticipation. Freshly carved pork accompanied by golden crispy crackling, stuffing or apple sauce as well as some warm new potatoes in herb butter are the perfect meal for any occasion. The amount of people that come up to me at events and tell me this is the best hog roast they have ever eaten is not really that surprising because of the care we put into our food and every event we cater at.

I am delighted to be able to offer the people Byfleet the chance to rent their own hog roast machine from my company hog roast hire Byfleet. All my companies’ machines are CE registered which means my customers know that they are getting real quality, tried and tested high standard machines. The biggest compliment I can pay my company is that other hog roast companies purchase our machines because they are the best and of the highest quality standard possible. Here at hog roast hire Byfleet we design and manufacture all of our machines which means they are very versatile, this in turn means you are not just stuck to roasting the classic pig but you can cook a variety of different meats using the utensils that come with the machine. The smallest one can roast a 35kg pig and the biggest can roast a huge 95kg pig. All of our machines are extremely simple to use and you do not need to be a qualified chef to work one. The prices to rent a machine are extremely fair and competitive, so it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

pig on a spit 4There are a number of different menu’s you can choose from for me and my team to come and rustle up at your event for you, or you can tailor make your own menu, and I will happily roast/serve this for you. My team will quietly and discreetly dispose of any litter you have whilst at the event. Me and my team pride ourselves on delivering the highest customer service possible, and will strive to make sure this happens at any event you hire me for. Once you have experienced the great delights of a hog roast, you will be planning your next event in no time.

So if you are looking for a hog roast hire Byfleet caterer than you need not look any further, as my company is the best hog roast company available, and we make sure that your event is a truly memorable one for all those included.