Hog Roast Camberley

The Best Hog Roasts in Camberley

CamberleyFirstly I would like to say a big hello to all make loyal customers in Camberley and I would also like to thank all my customers for the great reception and enthusiasm they have shown towards my hog roasts.

I have been a hog roast Camberley caterer for over 7 years and I have enjoyed every single moment of it. The great reception the town has given me really has made it a joy to work and all those happy smiling customers make it all worthwhile. Camberley has over 30000 residents so as you can imagine I have been extremely busy catering for all different occasions including; weddings, birthdays, private occasions and corporal events. No occasion is too big or too small and I aim to deliver the same quality standards regardless of size. Being a hog roast Camberley caterer has meant I have been lucky enough to cater for absolutely stunning occasions. I attended a weeding last week, and one of the guests asked me how I manage to get my meat so succulent and tender? The answer I gave was easy…time! I roast my meats for a minimum of 5 hours so that the meat is infused with all the fantastic range of flavours, and after 5 hours of roasting the crackling it is the most crunchiest and delicious of all crackling.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of support I received from the people of Camberley. They really do fill you with a warm welcoming sensation. I repay this amazing support by making sure that I and my team’s standards are only the best. I aim to send everyone I cater for home with a big grin on their faces and feeling 100% satisfied with the customer service I have provided them. I only use the finest cuts of meat when catering for an event so that everyone can have the delight of trying some real fine quality meat. When I roast the meat the warm smell lingers in the air and before long I am inundated with people queuing for the meat. This can only be seen as a compliment to the company and the high standards it sets for itself.

Not only can you hire me and my team to cater for an event but you can also rent your Surrey - pig21own hog roast machine from hog roast hire Camberley. The machines are very simple to use and you do not need to be a qualified chef in order to roast delicious meat. If you are looking for small private gathering then this could be the option for you. All hog roast hire Camberley machines are CE registered so you can rest assure you are getting real quality, tried and tested, high standard machines. Our machines allow you to roast a variety of different meats and the reason for this is because all of the machines are designed and manufactured by my company, which gives them incredible diversity. All utensils need to roast different meats are provided with the machine when you hire them. There are two types of machines you can rent and the difference being one is bigger than the other. The smaller hog roast machine can roast a 30kg pig and the larger hog roast machine can roast a massive 95kg pig. The biggest compliment I can pay my company is the fact the other hog roast services purchase our company’s machines. This proves that we provide the highest quality machines available. The machines are all of competitive rates and we want to provide a fair place where customers can rent their own hog roast machines cheaply.

Leaders In Our Field

We recently hired out a Titan machine for a private birthday party. We arrived and unloaded the machine and began to set up with a little help from the customer as he was intrigued by the sheer size of the machine. I scored and salted the pig myself before giving a demonstration of how the machine works. We then put the pig on the spit and started the machine then left the pig to cook to the delight of the client who was left to carve the pig himself however he saw fit. All in all a happy client!

There are a selection of different menu’s you can order from, or you can tailor make your own menu and me and my team will be more than happy to cater whatever your needs Surrey - salad8maybe. If hired for an event we will roast/serve the meat for you and we will also quietly and discreetly dispose of any litter at your event, meaning you are free to enjoy a clean and stress free environment. I aim to put a smile on everyone’s face so this means I have to provide the very best of customer service.

If you are looking for a hog roast Camberley caterer then look no further. I will strive to make sure that your events runs exactly how you want it to, and I will deliver the most breathtaking hog roast you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.