Hog Roast Cobham

The Best Hog Roasts in Cobham

qaGenerally cited as one of the best places to live in the UK, Cobham is a town made for those who appreciate high standards of living. It always puts an extra spring in our step when we know we are serving in a place of particular reverence. One thing is for certain, and that is it’s time for us to impress! Cobham is in possession of historical facts that could turn a party animal into an historian; a Norman tower still stands adjacent to a church (grade I listed) and in 1940 they narrowly escaped a Luftwaffe bombing during WWII. The kind of people who reside here are well informed on these facts and the proud manner in which they retell them makes one feel like they were eye witnesses.

With no state secondary school or further education it means that there are many peaceful parents who can afford an early retirement. And if the avenue is food that they wish to explore with their free time then we are at the ready to make them wish their children would learn how to produce a hog roast Cobham. One of the subtle aspects people forget about us is our attention to detail. Far from some glorified BBQ you will be seated, table cloths will be laid out and you will receive steel cutlery. Rather than simply one man carving n’ serving pork we have at the ready a full waiting staff; we’re effectively a restaurant on wheels except this restaurant doesn’t require a complaint box!

There are so many little things customers are happy to know they need not worry about, but rather than be satisfied with our services we constantly strive to see how we can make a hog roast hire Cobham even smoother. Regardless of one’s reputation there will always be common culinary gripes. In a sense this is good because if we cease to interrogate the quality of? We may as well co-sign ourselves to serving gruel all day long. Fortunately we tackle these prejudices head on.

It’s a reciprocated fact that our marinated spare ribs are both delicious and filling but they’re often brought up on the classic charge of not yielding enough meat. Our ribs are not only great in length but the manner in which we cut them leaves them with plenty of meat on the bone. Others state that burgers are either too dry or difficult to eat. A little peek at our menu will show you that we have mini ones for children and our dedication to producing homemade gourmet sauces catapults our burgers from tasty to devilishly Moorish. A lack of variety is an evil which we hope to avoid at every cross roads. Our buffet service not only provides a feast for the eyes, but it will allow you to create your own dishes; potatoes with kebabs, pork sandwiches with chicken satay, Mushroom Bouchees with a Thai salad – you could easily forget about that sizzling hog as your taste buds wander. Lest we forget that then you have to take into account the style of cooking which can have dramatic effects on each food. With so many appendages are machines can roast, oven and grill in a myriad of styles. You may think of them as the tectonic plates of our operation.

Leaders In Our Field

We recently catered at an event held by Westminster Forum Projects at Cobham Rugby Club for 70 guests. Our waiting staff greeted the guests with canapés as they turned up, much to their delight. We then served the perfectly spit roasted hog with a choice of two freshly prepared salads and the choice of adding jacket potatoes to their main. Sticky toffee pudding, Christmas pudding and fruit salad were served for dessert at the request of the customer. The guests were very forthcoming with their positive comments and expressing their pleasure at the catering experience they had just had. We obviously love having our ego stroked and we guarantee that your and your party will be more that jubilant with our catering

Of course it’s important to keep in mind the fact people can get bored of certain food and that is why we have all these little quirks to keep things fresh. For returning Spitting Pig customers they would literally have to have hundreds of hog roast hire Cobham to start getting that over familiar with our customs. With each passing day we take little ideas and techniques from other cooks and integrate them into our food. This bolster our identity as chef’s who actively search for new approaches without marring those stone cold recipes.

There’s clearly a lot of capital in this lush setting, though I’m sure it’s something many would agree on here and that’s that you can’t put a price on good food. Of course, technically you can, but therein you will discover how reasonable we really are. We don’t want people trying to convince themselves that our services just about covered the financial increment.

We want (and will continue to witness) people especially pleased in the knowledge that this wasn’t just a fun novelty but a new response to big occasions. If you live nearby, next time you cook bacon spare a thought for its giant sizzling cousin. A hog roast Cobham could be yours today!