Hog Roast Crawley

The Best Hog Roasts in Crawley

CrawleyIt has to be said, we at hog roast Crawley do enjoy a slice of the high life from time to time – which is just as well because our town is located right next to Gatwick Airport. As a result, we have a lot of rather good hotels in the area, perfect for a hog roast catering company like us! That said, we can provide our spit roast packages in any type of venue, you name it, we’ll be there, no size of party is too small – or large – for our experienced team to handle. And we’ve been fortunate enough to cater for all kinds of events in Crawley, from christenings and graduations to wedding anniversaries and retirements. One of our recent functions was to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of an airline pilot and his wife. Their three grown-up children were organising it as a surprise, which was a lovely gesture. The unsuspecting couple thought they were just going to have a quiet night with close family, but their son drove them to a local hotel, and said there had been a change of plan… when they opened the doors into what they thought was the hotel restaurant, the room was filled with 80 of their dearest friends and relatives!

The band started to play ‘Congratulations’ and the party poppers started to, well, pop! After all, 25 years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate! When the bash was under way, we had 80 guests to feed and we couldn’t help but smile at the “oohs” and “aahs” coming from the hungry throng as the chef carved the succulent roast meat and piled it on to each waiting plate. This family had chosen our spit roasted, rosemary-infused spring lamb, served with mint and a piquant mustard and dill sauce, a selection of seasonal vegetables and soft new potatoes. The tables were set with silverware and crockery – all part of the package – and our fully trained waiting staff was on hand all night to make sure the special couple and their guests had everything they could possibly need. At one point in the proceedings, an eagle eyed member of our hog roast Crawley team noticed that a couple of the guests were circulating with their video cameras, and we were quite delighted that our slow roasted lamb was getting plenty of film coverage! I’m pretty certain that the video cam microphones would easily pick up the sound of the meat sizzling and crackling as it rotated on the spit. Now, if only there was such a thing as an “aroma-vision” video camera, they would have been able to record the tender lamb’s irresistible fragrance, too! Before we headed off, after clearing away all our catering equipment, the anniversary couple came over and thanked us for a lovely evening. Well, came our reply, we couldn’t have done it without you! And it’s absolutely true – we’ll be here to offer our hog roast Crawley packages as long as people want an occasion to remember.

It’s one of those locations that, if you don’t live or work there, you probably do not give much of a thought to the town of Crawley, which is a shame really because whilst it may admittedly not sound like a very exciting place, it obviously does have a lot to offer the people who live here, and there are quite a few them it has to be said with well over 100,000 people calling Crawley their home town. Maybe it is the unique colour coding of the town’s district that keeps people there, or maybe it is simply the fact that you cannot go off a town name alone to decide if somewhere is good to live or not. Maybe it is the fact that a hog roast in Crawley is quite a common occurrence?

Of course, there are no official figures on how often people in this Surrey town like to indulge in a bit of roasted pig but the chances are that it is a lot more frequent than you may think as hog roast has taken off with a vengeance in the last ten or so years and that has seen areas like Crawley start to get a real taste for the delights of slow roasted pig.

Surrey - salad8We recently catered at an event at the Broadfield Stadium, home of the mighty reds Crawley Town football Club for 110 guests, 20 of which chose a vegetarian option. The remaining guests had opted for our traditional, classic hog roast. With the football club being relatively successful in recent years they expected nothing more of the hog roast and who were we to disappoint them. It became quite clear to see that our hog roasts are in a league of their own! All the guests were highly impressed with the quality of our food; pork, new potatoes in herb butter and a choice of two freshly prepared salads is a winning menu! The efficiency of our waiting staff didn’t go unnoticed either, with many compliments on the service provided by the whole spitting pig team.

Leaders In Our Field

If you have never indulged yourself in this roasted feast then you really need to make an effort to get invited to the next hog roast event that you hear about because it quite simply is the perfect way to celebrate an event and it is by far the most delicious meat that you will ever taste at any sort of social event. The reason is that slow roasting process. It makes the meat taste heavenly and the crackling so intensely brilliant. But what does slow roasting do for a hog roast Crawley that you don’t get with any other meal? Well slow roasting is really slow. You know that a regular Sunday roast usually takes a good two hours, well when you are cooking a whole pig, you need much longer. Try six hours! It may seem a little over the top but it is well worth it, especially if you want your Surrey guests to get a real taste of roasted pig at its absolute best. And there should be more Surrey - platethan enough to go around too, with a standard hog roast quite capable of feeding over 100 diners. That’s a lot of great tasting pig to share out with everyone.

Hog roast’s great taste could make it quite the perfect meat for a street party or a summer outdoor party, but even if it is inside at a birthday or wedding anniversary in Crawley then you know that you are going to eating some truly scrumptious meat that you really cannot beat with anything else. Maybe you have an event coming up that would justify some roasting of pig? Well, whatever the occasion, always consider the magic of hog roast Crawley over any other catering solution, especially if you really care about great tasting food!