Hog Roast Croydon

The Best Hog Roasts in Croydon

CroydonCroydon’s not just famous for appearing in the opening sequence to my all time favourite comedy show, ‘Terry and June’. In fact, we at hog roast Croydon are rather proud to be based in the Surrey town which can boast some very famous people as its daughters and sons. For example, comedian and presenter Sue Perkins was born here, as was the actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft. Sir David Lean the film director also hails from the town along with our current England football team manager, Roy Hodgson.

And on top of that, there’s the Brit School, Croydon’s fame academy, which has produced a whole galaxy of music stars from Adele and Leona Lewis, to Katie Melua and Jessie J! With a star-studded pedigree like that, it makes you wonder if there’s something in the air… besides the tantalising aroma of hog roast cooking on the spit, that is. Yes, I’m delighted to tell you that our hog roast Croydon order books have rather been busy of late in and around Croydon. And in keeping with the showbiz theme, one of our most memorable functions earlier this year was an after-show party for an amateur theatre company.

Leaders In Our Field

toprightWe were hired to cater for this function thanks to one of their cast members, who had been a guest at a wedding reception where we were on hand to provide our full hog roast service. The chap had been so impressed with the service; he told us later, that he “simply had to spread the word”. Well, we’re very glad that he did! The theatre group puts on two musical shows each year and most of the proceeds go to charity. They normally put on a week of performances, after which they let their hair down to celebrate the end of the season. So for their party, we provided an informal buffet with tender roast pork and lamb, a choice of freshly prepared salads and soft jacket potatoes with crispy skins and a dab of butter melting into each one. One of the actresses squealed with delight when she saw the array of delectable dishes in front of her, explaining to us that she had had to go on a diet before the show – and now that it was over, she could eat whatever she wanted! She wasn’t the only one who came back for seconds of the succulent roast meat and tasty accompaniments. And there were a few guests who couldn’t quite make up their minds between the velvety chocolate torte and the creamy cheesecake desserts, but, as I always say, if in doubt, have them both! That’s the beauty of the Spitting Pig experience, all of our packages can be tailor made so the guests can do as they please, because after all it’s their special occasion. Once the catering part of the evening was complete and everyone had had their fill, it was time for us to quietly clear everything away and pack up. Ah, that ends of another show for the hog roast Croydon team!