Hog Roast Dorking

The Best Hog Roasts in Dorking

DorkingIf the idea of a hog roast Dorking has ever entered your mind, it’s as if history had ordained it. In the Domesday Book of 1086, during William the conqueror’s tenancy, one of the areas main assets is said to have been a meadow which provided sustenance for nearly 100 hogs. Nowadays it is a popular market town, though the alluring fragrance of pork remains a fan favourite.

Stagecoaches were ultimately swapped for trains, and more modern facilities are dotted about, but Dorking has not lost its antique character. As a footnote, most are intrigued to discover that Dorking was the birthplace of Lord Laurence Olivier. Its relatively new halls have supplied the town with a theatre, cinema and leisure centre, improving the opportunities for residents, though food is what defines this place!

Due to its five claws the Dorking breed of chicken was once believed to be the best in all of the land. This may not pass as empirical fact but it is a darn fine bird nonetheless, one that is said to have been enjoyed by Queen Victoria. Today Dorking’s food market reels in pedestrians like a pro angler. When good pork is question they’re a hard bunch to fool. And if you know your food then it’s a standard rule that you appreciate variety. While the name Spitting Pig roughly gives away our main dish it also disguises the fact we are similarly rehearsed in delivering various classics. One of my personal favourite moments is when food lovers are genuinely shocked that the spring lambs hold their own against our pork sandwiches, or that they’d gladly spend upwards of £20 on the sirloins.

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If you’re undecided whether or not you should treat yourself to a hog roast hire Dorking anytime in the near future then picture this… Tempting you out of the warmth of your bed is a very orange sun, currently threading its rays between the trees. A more powerful yellow takes over as it rises, and in a few dramatic moments Dorking is blissfully illuminated. Instantly you are aware of the evening’s roast which provides you with a blank canvas for the coming hours. With no agenda pressing upon you the quirky idea of mountain biking pricks your sense of adventure.

Memorably tranquil scenes are taken in as you negotiate rugged terrain. Your muscles are glad to ache after a lazy week, and as a happy afterthought you become aware of the big appetite you’re working up! Returning to your place of stay your attention is taken off a generous sun by an approaching vehicle. There’s no mystery surrounding its identity. In systematic stages we fulfil our duties, and when the glorious time comes for you to devour the stuff last night’s dreams were made of you contemplate whether it’s possible for man to feel a greater degree of content. And it’s a dead cert that this is a place where big appetites are worked up with two football and one rugby club; needless to say that hog roast hire Dorking would provide a perfect solution for post-game celebrations. Whether it’s before or after satisfying customers we are interested in talking to the local connoisseurs. I’m sure you talk to butchers about the quality of the meat and so do we!

Leaders In Our Field

Surrey - salad8We have catered for many occasions in Dorking including private house parties like the one we catered at recently for a total of 80 guests. We arrived at the address early to set up the machine and the accompaniments for the roast. It was initially a struggle to get into the premises dues to an extremely tight driveway but once we reached the garden we were met by incredible scenery. We set up the machine on the patio that overlooked the vast garden as a string quartet played some beautiful music that fitted the scene perfectly. As the aromas of the succulent pig filled the air you could see the anticipation on the guests faces; ready to tuck into their meals. Two freshly prepared salads chosen by the chef and warm new potatoes in herb butter were the accompaniments to the meal as well as golden crispy crackling, stuffing and apple sauce. We served lemon tart desserts which went down a great him with those who had any room left after the main meal.

Size is a good indicator of how many restaurants a place may have, but definitely not of how good they will be. Dorking is an example of a relatively small area owning a formidable pedigree. It’s the kind of place where lesser hog roasting companies would be find it hard to exist as knowing customers sceptically sample their offerings. We’re more than pleased with the fact our experiences here have produced big smiles, full bellies and the earnest wishes for our return. If we’ve ever had a negative review here it’s that we’re not a permanent installation!

Dorking provided part of the route for this summer’s Olympic Games road cycle race. As an added attraction their huge 10ft tall cockerel was given a giant medal to show the shared importance of national events to a place happily removed from the noise of the big cities. It’s always good to see that proud badges of yesteryear are not opposed to forward thinking. This little town is one that will continue to embrace, enchant and grow without losing the special something which attracts newcomers. And likewise, we can only look forward to serving newcomers in a place that offers Spitting Pig the perfect stage on which to shine.