Hog Roast Epsom

The Best Hog Roasts in Epsom

EpsomThe town of Epsom in Surrey is famous the world over for its annual horse racing festival – and with a whole host of Epsom Derby parties to cater for this June, you might say that our hog roast Epsom team have been true galloping gourmets! We are always happy to provide hog roast packages, big and small, for a whole range of different functions, but Derby Day was extra special two years ago because it fell during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend, so everyone was definitely in the mood for a lively get-together. And none more so than the family whose garden party we at hog roast Epsom were catering for on the Saturday afternoon. The hosts had gone all out to decorate their home: not just with bunting and fairy lights, but with red, white and blue flowers planted all around the garden. It looked terrific, very patriotic indeed, and it also provided a great backdrop for our hog roast. With family, friends and neighbours in attendance, there were around 90 people to feed and they had gone the whole hog, so to speak, and booked our spit roasted pig and our free range chicken.

Now, the aIMG_7012verage pig that we supply can provide enough meat for up to 100 people, so there was plenty to go round. Once the meats were cooked to a turn, sizzling and ready to serve, our chef carved the slices of succulent pork and chicken for each guest and they helped themselves to apple sauce, stuffing, onion gravy, coleslaw and potato salad. There was even a request for a couple of slices of meat for the family dog, Jet, who was absolutely delighted to have his dish filled to the brim with tasty fresh pork and chicken! While everyone – including Jet – was tucking in to their delicious buffet, the party hosts had set up a large screen TV in the garden, so that everyone could enjoy the Jubilee celebrations and cheer on their horses in the Epsom Derby.

The race got under way and all the guests were watching excitedly. Then suddenly, one guest shouted: “It’s Camelot! Camelot’s won the Derby!” and everyone cheered. It seemed that the party host had placed a winning bet! Then it dawned on me: of course – his name was Arthur, and with a King’s name like that, what better horse to choose than one called Camelot? Perhaps that’s why Arthur had also decided to put ‘round tables’ in the garden for his guests! Once everyone had eaten their fill, and with the celebrations in full swing, our hog roast Epsom team got busy with the tidying up, quickly clearing away all of the disposable plates, cutlery and napkins, which were also red, white and blue to match the festivities. We always enjoy doing the catering for race nights and other sporting events, but this Epsom Derby Day was particularly memorable for another reason, besides the Diamond Jubilee – it turned out that our chef had also backed the winning horse!

IMG_3116Obviously not everything in Epsom is about the horse racing. We catered for and event at Horton Country Park recently for 100 guests in the picturesque gardens and vast landscape. The rural surroundings provided the perfect spot for us to set up the machine and begin to cook the barbeque. All the guests enjoyed the perfectly cooked sausages and burger and well as the traditional hog roast. The enticing aromas of the slow roasting hog roast drew many questions from the guests. Many of them were “when will it be ready?” Obviously the pig had to be set to cook a good few hours before the rest of the food. Once all the food was ready the guests were invited to add their own accompaniments to their food such as crispy crackling, stuffing, apple sauce and coleslaw. The lovely summer day capped of and outstanding day for hog roast Epsom and helped everybody enjoy their day.