Hog Roast Farnham

Hog roast hire Farnham is the perfect addition to any special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a delicious mouth-watering feast, hassle free food, or the fun and spectacle of a large hog roasting in front of your guests, hog roast hire is the only solution.

We enjoy supplying the hog roast in Farnham because the people are always hungry and happy to see us. We supply our spectacular feast for various occasions, whether it’s for weddings, parties, corporate events or many happy events, we love the chance to celebrate with you and fill your guests bellies with succulent food. Farnham is surrounded by a green belt of land and a beach, making it a picturesque area. If you’re visiting for the first time, or are a resident of the large village, it’s relaxing to take a stroll around the pubs, villages, and surrounding green. After the day’s shopping, working, or swimming in the tepid sea, why not relax with your friends and enjoy some gorgeous food? Our customers like to hire our hog roast to cater in their homes, the pubs, the beach or even the picturesque village green. What better way to celebrate than to let the smell of hog roast Farnham drift over the village and let everyone know that you have something to celebrate.

Best Hog Roasts In Farnham

We have a team of talented chefs who can cater for your occasion. We can supply the delicious food, machines, and even the waiting staff if you like. We are a friendly bunch and the locals are always happy to see us. We have a team of professional, efficient and charming staff ready to serve your guests once the hog roast has been cooked to perfection.

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that your event is perfect, right down to the very last detail; from the hog roast to the tangy apple sauce. A recent event saw us cater at a 10 year olds birthday party. We arrived at the house in order to set up our machines whilst the kids were still at the Birdworld enjoying seeing lots of wild birds. As you can imagine, a group of youngsters at a birthday party is always going to be a loud and excited affair. The curiosity of children knows no bounds as I am sure you know as the questions kept rolling in about the pig. “Who long does it take to cook?” was the most common of the questions asked until one child decided to ask the name of the pig; it was at that point all the children piggy backed on that question so we eventually named him “Paul the pig.” We carved Paul at 3pm, much to the delight of the hungry children with many of the scoffing their first pig in a bun within minutes. The delight in the children’s eyes when we announced there would be enough for seconds was definitely a sight.

If that isn’t enough to amaze your guests, you can also have a go at roasting yourself by hiring one of our machines. Especially if you’re counting the pennies, hiring a hog roasting machine is a great alternative to our full catering service, and gives you the opportunities to be a spit roast chef for the day. Don’t worry; it’s not as hard of a challenge as it sounds. Our machines are fun and easy to use, even if you’ve never cooked anything yourself. They are designed to cook the meat slowly, catching the juices as it turns to keep the meat succulent and juicy longer. So you can show off to your loved ones of colleagues by being a chef for the day, whilst having time to relax and enjoy yourself. Hog roast hire Farnham is such as hassle free method of cooking that you really can have it all; be the chef and be the host! You’re family will never complain that they didn’t get to see you at that special occasion again.

We can provide two high quality machines depending on what size meat you want to cook and how large your party is. The machines that we supply can cook a variety of meats, not just hog roast, and can cook from 15 – 30 chickens, just to give you an idea of size. We design and manufacture our own machines, and each one comes with an interior grill meaning you can spit-roast your meat whilst barbequing other delicacy’s. Our hog roast hire Farnham is the best low cost, low hassle way to entertain your guests whilst providing delicious food.

Hog roasting is of course our speciality and our customers always tell us how much they love it. But if you want to provide your guests with a choice we can cook a wide range of meats to perfection, including chicken, beef, lamb and turkey. We have vegetarian options, because everyone likes to eat good food, and we can provide the apple sauce and the bread rolls and salad. Your guests will be delighted to be able to watch their food cooking in front of them, whether you choose to roast it yourself or use our excellent services to cater for you. Hog roast Farnham creates a focal point for your party, with food that everyone loves, and as well as that it is low cost. Wherever the hog roast is, that’s where the people gather too, drawn by the amazing aroma and spectacle of the machines. Hog roast Farnham is the must have addition to any party. Creating a feast of amazing food, hassle-free, low-cost and something spectacular for your guests to look at.