Hog Roast Guildford

The Best Hog Roasts in Guildford

GuildfordWe all know it’s traditional to pair beer and meat, and to pair this in turn with sport. Usually this means a gorgeous pig roast at a pub, watching the football or rugby.

While we love catering for the pub crowd, in Guildford, there’s a lot more going on than just watching the sport. As well as the usual football and rugby clubs, and swimming pools, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in other sports to work up an appetite for a pig roast. Rock climbing, ten-pin bowling, and laser tag are all on offer. Personally, at hog roast Guilford we think these are a great excuse for a party.

What could be better than teaming up with friends and family for a hen party, stag do, or special birthday – with a difference? After playing with – or against – each other, nothing brings people together like a pig (or lamb, beef, turkey, or chicken) roast. From the spectacle of the whole pig being carved by the chef, to tasty bread rolls filled with succulent meat, sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce, and crackling on the side, it’s a talking point – when people’s mouths aren’t full, that is. Even the vegetarians are catered for, as we can bring something meat free for them too.

For those who don’t like sport, Guildford has plenty of history to get you into the mood for a traditional Guildford hog roast. It’s a method of cooking that goes right back to medieval times. Although the methods have changed, becoming more modern and hygienic on our stainless steel, gas-powered machines, there are lots of sights in Guildford that help summon up the atmosphere needed for a communal hands-on feast.

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We catered at a huge house recently in Guildford for 50 guests. The patio and spacious garden provided the perfect setting for a hog roast. We set up the machine an 2pm before scoring, rubbing in salt and adding the pig to be cooked. The sight and smells coming from the slowly roasting hog invited many “when will it be ready?” questions for the chef. A question often heard at by all staff at events. “Is there going to be enough for seconds?” generally follows that question. Once the pig had roasted to perfection; guests started appearing from the party to fill their plates with succulent pork, golden crispy crackling, a selection of two salads and some warm new potatoes in herb butter. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the appetite of the guests, not least thanks to the gazebo provided by hog roast Guildford.

Just outside the town is Loseley Park, built in 1562 and still showing features of Elizabethan glamour, with intricate wooden panels and a Tithe Barn. It’s a popular venue for weddings (another great reason to have a roast!), and was used in the film of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. In nearby Wanborough is the Great Barn. Built in 1388 it is more-or-less the same as it was in the Middle Ages and boasts impressive wooden beams that frame its displays of local history.

Guildford itself has a museum and the Undercroft, a stone vaulted cellar that would have probably been used as a shop by a wealthy merchant. Plus, Guildford Castle offers great views of the area from its Great Tower. When it fell into disrepair in the fourteenth century, the hunting lodge was built up so royalty could stay there. We imagine a fair few roasts were had there, although the quarry of choice was deer. Parts of the castle are still accessible today, and the grounds are open to the public.

For those who like their history a bit more gruesome, there’s also Guilford Ghost Tour. At hog roast Guilford we think it sounds like a fun day out, as long as you don’t let it put you off your food!