Hog Roast Ottershaw

Ottershaw is a pristine, historical nugget of a town. You won’t find many slums here amongst the statues and state schools. In the 16th century these were used as a hunting ground The Bee Gees having taken residence here. When it’s time for us to cater a hog roast hire Ottershaw we’re more than ready to wow its spectators! Something that I’ll always associate with this place is the inquisitive nature of its citizens. Many are interested in the preparation of the pig, and everybody is always amazed of the care that goes into it. First, with a decent chef’s knife we score our hog all over in two different directions to make a criss-cross pattern. Then handfuls of sea salt are taken and rubbed into the skin; this will result in better crackling. Various spices can also be rubbed in, and depending on how you cook it will lead to a different smoky finish.

Aesthetical quirks include removing the pigs head (not very popular) and covering its ears with foil to prevent them from going black. As an ethical bonus, part of the reason the meat is so good comes down to the fact that the pig was well looked after, roaming about as it pleased eating good grub. And going into the specifics of the pork is a good way of reminding me that not everybody eats meat! Our vegetarian audience are far from forgotten. For starters we have three distinct and neatly presented salads, each infused with fresh ingredients and offering widely differing flavours. Light years away from the cold clumps of starch you get in various pubs, our potatoes are delicious, warm and they come in several guises; wedges, as jackets or in the salads. Not to put too light a word on it, our news baby potatoes are either lovingly smothered in herb butter or expertly crisped with sea salt and rosemary.

But just when you think we’ve tried to sweeten you with side dishes we’ve got some real blinders in reserve. Our haloumi kebabs will convert the most cynical of veggies with their bold combination of dairy and caramelised onions, and our feta skewers are jealously marinated in fennel and toasted sesame seeds. Pescitarians? May be feeling a little left out, but fear not, for our carefully smoked salmon is a tough act to follow.

If you’re still feeling strong after your main course we have a reassuringly solid selection of desserts. Depending on the season your preference will likely vary. For that radiant summer day why not indulge in our fruit salad; the individual fruits come together wonderfully, concluding each mouthful with that sugar kick. The lemon tart is perfect for quelling your sweet tooth if you’re near capacity, but for those who like their desserts rich the creamy cheese cake will ensure seconds aren’t necessary. Each of our desserts is served with cream, just in case you were worried! For us, a hog roast hire Ottershaw is the chance to perform our job in a place of great history and superior weather. It’s out with the gazebo when things get hectic, but generally speaking the sun is quite friendly here for UK standards.

Be it outside or inside, when people organise their own house gatherings it is often smeared by the fact one needs to constantly check the oven whilst making sure drinks are full. This ugly balancing act leaves a lot to be desired when it dawns on you that no sooner are you dishing up than you are cleaning up! The truly great thing about a Hog roast Ottershaw is that because we get there so early it gives one oodles of time to get everybody together without having to monitor anything!

Best Hog Roasts In Ottershaw

This is where we come in. Whatever your event may be, big or small; we are more than happy to cater for you and your guests. Pig in a bun is always the ideal choice for an open day and just like a recent event in Ottershaw it was once again on the menu. We were hired to set up our machine and slow roast an 85kg pig in Ottershaw Park for up to 300 guests. We also put a small barbeque on with 100% beef burgers and handmade gourmet sausages with a selection of sauces.

The sale of our machines is something we will always encourage, though I find it interesting to note that even if the majority of the country were manning their own rotisseries we’d continue to make sure that small percentage without were able to sample the awesome culinary assault that Spitting Pig provides.

Popular as our services are, a hog roasting event remains unique. Tradition may run deep in your family, or it may be with a close circuit of friends, but if ever an occasion presents itself that requires a real show stopper… We’ll leave you to do the math because our dishes are always a treat for all and you will be left bursting at the seams.