Carnival Fun With Hog Roast St Georges Hill

With our schedule jam-packed full of exciting bookings from winter wonderland weddings and gala dinners to vibrant carnivals, the months of November and December are an extremely busy time of year for Hog Roast St Georges Hill, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Like our clients, we love all things festive and are always eager to help people celebrate this very special time of year with food from one of our many menus which have been expertly designed to suit whatever event style or budget criteria you are looking to meet.

Hog Roast St Georges HillHaving used our services in the past, Michael knew first hand how reliable our catering crew is and equally, how delicious our hog roasts are; so when it came time for him to organise another event there was no doubt in his mind that he would be returning to Hog Roast St Georges Hill. We love having repeat business from clients and when Michael called to discuss his plans for a local carnival which had garnered the interest of 350 people, we knew just the menu to recommend: the classic hog roast.

Served as a buffet, the classic hog roast menu is by far the most popular catering package Hog Roast St Georges Hill has to offer and with its traditional British flavours it’s no wonder people love it so much! Picture a slow roasted whole pig as the main attraction, surrounded by juicy pulled pork, golden crispy crackling, homemade savoury stuffing and a drizzling of sweet applesauce. Sounds irresistible, right? Michael thought so too, and he couldn’t wait to let the guests hear about the unforgettable feast they were about to experience!

On the day of the carnival, Hog Roast St Georges Hill arrived at the venue with 6 hours to spare, giving them just enough time to cook the pair of hogs and watch as the barren site transformed into a cluster of brightly lit stalls, noisy amusement rides and arcade games – Michael had even managed to organise a skating rink for the guests to enjoy! When guests arrived bundled in their warmest winter attire later that evening, they were immediately drawn to the buffet table and after taking their first bite they immediately fell in love with the authentic flavours.