Close the Academic Year with Hog Roast Cobham!

Hog Roast SurreyAfter a stressful academic year just about every student is ready to let loose and have a few drinks to close out the term. Rather than sticking with the same clubs that you’ve gone to all year round, or the same pizza takeaways that have piled up in your dorm rooms all term, wouldn’t you want to celebrate with a bit more style and glam?

That was the thinking of our two customers this week, Georgia and Hillary, who called up Hog Roast Cobham to come and add some quality catering to their end of year party. As students in their 3rd year, Georgia and Hillary have been co-running their own college society focused on getting other students out to more adventurous and seldom-tried outdoor sports. This ranges from gorge walking to canoeing, trail biking and the like. Finding that they still had a bit of budget left from their society at the end of the year, they decided to put on a final closing party for their members – and any non-members that wanted to pay a small fee to come too – with the aid of Hog Roast Cobham’s catering.

Adding catering to a student party may seem farfetched – many tend to think of catering as an expensive additive – but since we keep our prices flexible and affordable at Hog Roast Cobham we have found that actually our catering is often very well suited to a modest student budget. For the occasion we were able to provide a delicious buffet with a couple of excellent roast options, including our signature pork, a BBQ jackfruit alternative, grilled skewers, stuffed peppers, roasted potatoes, fries, fresh slaw, some options from our canape range such as our “mini fish and chips”, our handmade gourmet sausages, and our mini quiches.

Hog Roast SurreyMembers were well served by our Hog Roast Cobham chefs while they celebrated the end of their exams and said one final goodbye to each other before all heading off for the summer break. The club also had a few surprises to share with their members in the form of a “highlight reel” presentation of all the top moments to come out of their excursions across the last year. Some of the trips looked so fun that even our Hog Roast Cobham chefs were looking to sign up for the next academic term!