Hog Roast Bagshot catering for a Community Craft Club!

The Hog Roast Bagshot team were asked by a local craft club this week to provide food for their pre-Christmas party. The club always have their annual do early because they’re all too busy during December doing the circuit at local Christmas markets selling their wares! Everyone just usually mucks in with a buffet, but this year they wanted something special to celebrate their success and the big influx of new members, having shot up from 22 at the beginning of the year to 40 by the end of October!

We were only too happy to oblige and arrived at the community centre several hours before the party was due to get underway, so we could freshly prepare their chosen menu from scratch, as we always do! As we have an impressive fleet of hog roasting machines, all suitable for different venues and party sizes, we are just as good at cooking up a storm in smaller indoor venues as we are at feeding a large crowd outdoors!

Hog Roast Bagshot As the craft club wanted to treat themselves before the Christmas rush, they opted for some of our perfect pork, along with buttery new potatoes and a selection of vibrant salads, as well as a platter of our handcrafted canapes, including mini gourmet sausages, smoked salmon and pate en croute.

As we got the preparations underway, we got the chance to marvel of some of their creations, which were proudly on display before getting ready to be sold as unique Christmas gifts, and we were very impressed with their skill and imagination.  The craft club were just as impressed with Hog Roast Bagshot’s skill in the catering department and they couldn’t believe we had prepared their full menu right there in their own creative community centre!

Christmas may still be several weeks away, but you wouldn’t have thought so as the party got underway! Everyone loved the canapes and  couldn’t wait to get stuck into the main course! As requested, we served the food as an attractive buffet, rather than formal sit down meal, so everyone could come and go from the serving table as they pleased and enjoy the food as they chatted with their  friends.

The crafty crowd loved Hog Roast Bagshot’s food so much, they want us to come back every year to cater for their pre-Christmas party!