Hog Roast Eversley For Sandhurst Autoprint

When Trevor from Sandhurst Autoprint contacted us about catering a party in the lovely village of Eversley in Hook. Hog Roast Eversley took down all the details and looked forward to the special occasion. Our customer asked us to spit-roast several chickens and provide some extra dishes for the 50 guests, including chipolata sausages and roasted baby new potatoes. We would also freshly prepare some salad dishes on the day, with a tomato and mozzarella salad, a Caesar salad and a pasta salad. There would be plenty of food to go around the hungry guests for this evening event.

If you’re planning your own party and you want some professional albeit friendly caterers to take some of the weight off your shoulders, Hog Roast Eversley can save the day. As you can see from Trevor’s food choices, we can cook so much more than a hog roast (although it is our speciality that we’ve spent years perfecting, of course). In addition to hogs and chickens, we can also spit-roast turkey, lamb or beef, for example, and we can serve several courses of top-notch gourmet fare if you have a formal occasion coming up. Many of our guests have informal parties, where we make our pigs in buns (what we call hog roast rolls) and we can also provide lots of choices for any guests with dietary needs.

Our team headed to the lovely house in Eversley, where the party was being held, to set up the equipment and get cracking with the food. It doesn’t take long to prepare a chicken for roasting and then it only takes a couple of hours to cook, and when it comes to cooking whole chickens, nothing really beats spit-roasting as it ensures evenly juicy birds. On this day, after turning round and round until dizzy, they turned a lovely golden brown colour and ended up moist and tender inside, which is just how we like it.

We served Trevor and his guests at 7.30pm and they all dug in to enjoy lots of hot, comforting food on this chilly evening. Hog Roast Eversley loves to cater any kind of occasion that you have in mind, so get in touch for a quote and you’ll see that a hog or spit roast is more affordable than you may think.