Hog roast Ockley Caters A Gender Reveal/Baby Shower

The latest trends in pregnancy include baby showers and gender reveal parties. When a pair of parents to be contacted the team at Hog Roast Ockley about the catering for the baby shower/gender reveal party the team were thrilled. The couple wanted something fun for their event and the team were only too happy to deliver.

Hog Roast OckleyThe event had a guest list of 30 people, but the clients were unsure whether a few more guess might arrive, due to the informal nature of the event. Therefore the Hog Roast Ockley team made plans to serve enough food for 35 to 40 guests. The clients wanted the menu to reflect the newborn baby centric theme of the event, so the team put their heads together and came up with some wonderful ideas.

The team thought it would be fun to serve a menu that included: succulently marinated in slow roasted meats like BBQ pork ribs and a classic hog roast. There was a vegan option of grilled vegetable skewers and gluten-free rolls. Also there was to be platters of Mac and cheese, new potatoes and the Hog Roast Ockley team speciality of loaded fries. The menu plan for the event was full of hearty dishes and was to be served on the day as a buffet.

The catering package to parents to be had paid for included the use of tablecloths, disposable crockery, cutlery and napkins for their guests. On the day of the event the team of two from the Hog Roast Ockley team arrived several hours before it was time to serve. They set up their equipment and tables for serving in the private venue of the celebration and got straight to work. All the food was prepared fresh on site, much to the delight of the clients.

The whole event was a marvellous success; the team had a lot of fun preparing the food and felt happy with the service they provided. The clients were over the moon and even made sure the team had some cake before they left!