Hog Roast Oxted Proved That Hog Roasts Aren’t Just For Adults

Let’s be honest, when it comes to food there’s nothing quite as awe-inspiring as watching a whole pig get slow-roasted, and despite what some people might believe, hog roasts are not an adult-only indulgence. Thanks to our varied menu options which aim to suit all event styles, budgets, and of course appetites, the Hog Roast Oxted team have seen a huge increase in parents looking to us to provide our services at their children’s birthday parties.

Hog Roast Oxted Most recently, the team fulfilled a booking for Veronique, who stumbled upon our website while looking up catering options for her little one’s third birthday party. After getting in touch with our friendly customer service team and discussing her ideas for the event with our expert catering manager Matt, Veronique decided that our private party menu 3 would be perfect for the chilled out and informal vibe she was aiming for.

Finally, it was time to celebrate the big day and working to meet the 1:30pm serving time, Matt, along with a small band of talented caterers from Hog Roast Oxted arrived at Veronique’s home in the early morning to begin preparing the mouth-watering menu. After setting up their gazebo in the corner of the garden to ensure that there was plenty of room left for the excitable children to run around, the catering crew began cooking up a storm. By the time Veronique’s 40 guests arrived in the early afternoon, the team had prepared a tempting buffet of succulent slow roasted pig with apple sauce, stuffing and perfectly crispy crackling, gluten-free rolls, a trio of freshly prepared salads and a selection of condiments which were all served on our eco-friendly wooden crockery. For those following plant-based diets, there were meat-free alternative options of homemade grilled vegetable and grilled vegetable with haloumi skewers which quickly became a huge hit with everyone in attendance!

Veronique was blown away by the lengths the Hog Roast Oxted team had gone to in order to make her little one’s milestone birthday extra special and before leaving the party, the catering team discreetly disposed of the aftermath and handed out a few business cards to interested guests.