How Can Hog Roast Epsom Serve You In 2024?

At Hog Roast Epsom one of the biggest parts of our job starts well before the event, and that is the planning for the customer. Typically when we get a call from a customer our team spend a bit of time getting to know them and their event. This allows us to then do what we do best and put together a menu and service package that we believe will best suit what our new customer is after.

There are a couple of questions that our team will always consider when speaking to the customer and creating their perfect event package. What will best serve the day? What kind of tastes is this customer and their guests going to most enjoy? Will this be a formal occasion, or are our team gearing up for an outdoor service with our barbecue grill or spit roaster? What will be the menu that best exemplifies this customer and their event?

Hog Roast EpsomAnswering these questions is made possible by what the customer tells us about them and their event. Of course, it can also help when the customer comes to us with an already firm idea of what they are after, so if you are in any way even considering hosting an event in 2024 then it might be worth considering some of the above questions yourself too. This will give you a leg up when coming to our team as we’ll be able to get your free quote out to you quicker.

It might be worth thinking about what your favourite tastes are. What kind of event you are hosting, and how catering will best fit into that. If it’s an outdoor event then you might want foods that are best suited to that environment, or if it is an evening dinner then is a buffet or set menu more suited? What, when you look at the Hog Roast Epsom menus, gets you most excited. This is a big one, because beyond all else in catering, it is the foods you love that should be taking the biggest consideration!

So, if you have an event coming up, then come and speak to us and let’s have a chat about Hog Roast Epsom can best serve you this year!