Vegetarian And Vegan Options – Hog Roast Farnham

When Hog Roast Farnham caters your event with a hog roast meal, we do it in style and ensure that everyone invited gets to enjoy their kind of food. In addition to providing scrumptious hog and spit roasts, we also provide many options for our customers and their guests who may have additional dietary requirements. Maybe you can’t or don’t want to eat the meat, and in that case, we have plenty of other lovely dishes to choose from. We have vegetarian and vegan options, such as quiche and stuffed mushrooms, and if anyone has a gluten intolerance, they can still enjoy our fantastic pigs in buns – we just bring along gluten-free bread rolls as everything else is suitable. If you have any special diets that need covering, with advance notice we will do our utmost to make sure they don’t go hungry at your party or event.

We recently catered James’ fabulous, busy event at Farnham Baptist Church, where our Hog Roast Farnham team roasted a lovely hog for a few hours after arriving at 9am. We had 250 people to feed around 1pm and that included 3 gluten-free guests and more than 20 vegetarian guests, who would be served our fresh vegetable and halloumi skewers. We’re passionate about using fresh, quality ingredients when catering any kind of occasion, so that means when we cook you a hog or spit roast, it’s fresh meat roasted from scratch at your venue, and when we make you up a salad or two to accompany the main food, the components are garden-fresh and not prepared in advance – they’re put together not long before you sit down to eat, and you can taste the difference.

We served dozens and dozens of guests lots of our tasty food on high-quality crockery and they had their knives and forks rolled in a napkin, so this informal affair had a little bit of formality added to it. Here at Hog Roast Farnham, we were delighted with James’ feedback that our friendly team did a grand job cooking an excellent hog roast lunch for so many people, who all thoroughly enjoyed our food, and that’s all we need to hear to know we’ve done what we set out to do.