A Hog Roast Purley Mexican Themed Wedding

   Recently, the Hog Roast Purley team were hired to provide a buffet for a wedding. The celebrations were held at their home and the team organised marquees for the garden under which they could cook. The wedding had an unusual twist as the groom was Mexican and so they followed some great Mexican traditions at the party.

   The bride and groom chose Menu Four from those that the Hog Roast Purley team offered to weddings. They enjoyed a slow roasted hog cooked on site by the Hog Roast team in their Hog Master machines. The delicious meat was served with crackling, stuffing and their classic Apple sauce. The service was led the Hog Roast Purley team Head Chef, Paul, and the service ran very smoothly. The buffet the team put together was presented beautifully to the 140 guests attending the wedding party. The food was to be served at 6:30 pm and the Hog Roast team worked hard to ensure that they met this deadline.

   The guests had a fantastic time and joined in on many Mexican wedding traditions. The groom presented the bride with areas, 13 gold coins, which is a great symbol of trust and also represents Jesus and his 12 apostles. In addition, the Mexican wedding money dance was a tradition followed at the wedding during which the guests pinned notes on the couple in exchange for a dance and was also used to wish the couple good luck on their marriage. The guests had a create time dancing around the garden and a fantastic evening of celebration emerged. The wedding included lots of music and dancing and the party had a great atmosphere. In addition, the Hog Roast Purley team ensured that they delivered a casual and friendly service to uphold the upbeat atmosphere. The wedding Hog Roast was a great way to bring together the traditional British food with the great Mexican wedding traditions. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the guests could not get enough of the freshly cooked Hog Roast which many indulged in. The bride and group could not have asked for a more fantastic day!