Season your event with extra variety with Hog Roast Guildford

Did you know that here at Hog Roast Guildford, we do more than just Hog Roasts? It’s true that we’re famous for providing the nation with the best Hog Roasts around, and that reputation is one that we have worked hard to achieve. However what people are sometimes surprised to hear, is that we have many more options available when it comes to our menus, as we know all too well that everyone’s tastes are different and we want to make sure that we have everyone’s palates covered. What’s more, the method of cooking by using our Hog Roast Machines is the true secret to our success as it is our ability to turn fresh, quality ingredients into wonderful works of artistic cuisine that really gets people excited.

Hog Roast Guildford

In the recent weeks, one company got to experience this for themselves. Peachy Productions are a first class company that have a wide range of equipment available to hire for your event – from cameras to lights, microphones and amplifiers, as well as many more. They gave the team at Hog Roast Guildford a call, and wanted a menu that matched their capacity for variety to be served to their twenty or so guests. Of course they had come to the right place and we suggested our Southern Slow Roasted menu that comes with your choice of meat.

When the day arrived, the choice of meats were the BBQ Pork Butt, the Texan 24 Hour Beef Brisket or the Cajun Spiced Whole Chickens, and the guests were excited by the options. Many people opted for a little bit of each meat and of course they were all accompanied by our selection of sides as well. We had the Memphis Crunchy Coleslaw, the American classic- Mac and Cheese, a light and refreshing Seasonal Green Leaf Salad or the Cajun Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges.

Once the guests had been fed it was time for our chef at Hog Roast Guildford to discreetly tidy away and dispose of any waste off site. Peachy Productions were thankful for the service and the excellent choice of meats we had provided. Needless to say our capacity for variety continues to surprise, and if you want to run an event where the guests have options, then we at Hog Roast Guildford, have you covered.