40th Birthday Hog Roast, Mimbridge.

We have had a great winter season this year at Spitting Pig Surrey, and that continued today as we catered for Alberto and his 30 guests in Mimbridge. The party was for Alberto’s 40th birthday and his family and close friends had all shown up for the occasion, despite the weather not being fantastic. Alberto had opted for our menu 1 option of slow roasted hog, served with a selection of bread rolls and wraps, rich sage and onion stuffing made using the hog juice and a selection of sauces including our homemade apple which really compliments the hog roast Mimbridge pork. The party had been told to bring salads along and almost everyone did. Alberto had cleared us a space on his decking area allowing guests to be able to come and get their food without getting wet.

We set up our 3x3m black gazebo and walled it to keep us nice and dry. We laid some serving tables with fresh black table cloths and set out the rest of our equipment needed. Family members had already started to arrive and were extremely impressed with how we looked whilst working away on the great meal everyone was soon to taste. It didn’t take long before we had prepared the accompanying dishes before starting to pull the hog roast Mimbridge pork that had been slowly roasted for 12 hours and was falling apart. The younger family members watched in awe as we stripped the hog roast down and sliced it into manageable pieces. The salads were brought out and served with the rest of the food we had prepared and everyone came up at once to have a taste. It didn’t take long before the first people were back up and everyone at the party had a second helping with there still being leftovers that people took home. The meal went down extremely well and everyone commented on how tender the hog roast pork was.  Alberto had enjoyed the whole experience with Spitting Pig Surrey and can’t wait for the next event he can book us onto. A well fed family with our hog roast Mimbridge menu 1 and another fantastic event from Spitting Pig Surrey.