Albury Venison Spit Roast!

George is one of our repeat clients, having booked us to cater for corporate events in the past as well as some personal ones, including his daughter’s wedding last summer. Whenever he has called us, it’s always been for us to cater for him, armed with a hog roast in Albury, but this time it was for something totally different. After watching Heston Blumenthal spit roasting venison on TV, George decided he wanted to try it for himself by hiring one of our machines.

Throughout history, spit roasts have been used to cook many kinds of meat, including game such as deer. For this informal event, George would be buying his own deer to roast with one of our spit roast machines. Contrary to the name, our hog roast machines are versatile enough to cook just about any meat you can think of. George sat down with us to ask our advice on cooking meat such as venison and we let him know that first of all, the taste would vary depending on the breed he was spit roasting – whether it was red, fallow or roe – as well as how long it has been hung. Fallow tastes quite like beef, for instance, and roe is somewhat sweeter.

For his informal gathering at home, George would be cooking wild venison from a registered local game dealer but was unsure of the type. No matter, we could still advise him about roasting the beast. If not prepared already, you can rub herbs and spices into the meat and let it rest before then putting it on the spit and securing using kitchen string. You don’t want to let deer dry out, so you can look into continually injecting something like butter or bacon fat as it roasts. Plus venison meat needs about 30 minutes of cooking per 5 kilogram on the spit roast.

We delivered our equipment to George on the day of his party and showed him to use it, as we always do with customers. When we collected it the next day, he was full of smiles and tales of his first successful spit roast in Albury. He’s now thinking of buying his own machine from us!