Celebrations With A Hog Roast In Brookwood!

Lucy’s birthday was a ‘smashing’ success at the weekend – partly because of the egg and spoon race that she devised as part of the fun celebrations and also in part because of our tasty food (if I do say so myself!) Lucy wisely booked us well in advance months ago, asking us to cater for her birthday party with a hog roast in Brookwood. With it being a Saturday and the summer season, it can get busy with weddings especially, but as we have teams of dedicated employees in branches all over the country, don’t assume that we can’t get you in – just give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help.


For Lucy’s special day, she needed us to provide a pig for her and around 20 guests and to cook it ourselves for her in her back garden. You may not know that we can cater for smaller parties such as this, but we can serve any kind of event you can think of and just about any number of people. A pig of around 50 kilos in weight can feed around a hundred people on a real plate but we can provide smaller hogs for smaller parties. A pig weighing around 35 kilos is pretty perfect for a group of 10 to 50 guests, so Lucy decided she wanted one this size, for her hog roast in Brookwood, and added that there wouldn’t be any waste as leftovers would be chilled, frozen or taken to the nearby homeless shelter.

On the day of the party, we arrived in the morning, ready to roast the pig for a few hours before an afternoon serve. We gladly showed Lucy and her partner how to cook a hog this way, as they expressed an interest in renting one of our machines in the future. We scored the meat and poured water on it, then added salt to make the gorgeous crackling that we carve off before serving. As we kept an eye on the roasting pig, Lucy prepared her garden with games such as bobbing for apples, limbo, a sack race and, of course, the egg and spoon race we mentioned.

When the guests arrived, I’m not sure if they were more excited about the delicious smells wafting around the garden or the games they would be playing, but I like to think it was the yummy hog roast in Brookwood that they were about to enjoy.