Christmas Party for 100 – Hog Roast Esher

Christmas is one of our favourite times here at Hog Roast Esher and this week we were out catering for a Christmas party at our local community centre. The party was for a group of children and catering for 100. We arrived early afternoon and we were very impressed at how the hall was decorated a lot of effort had gone into the wonderful decorations. We started by setting up the machine and prep table and placed rows of big meaty sausages on the machine and on the underside of the machine we placed lots of potatoes and they cooked we began to make the sides.

We made a lovely green salad and some creamy coleslaw always a big hit with the sausages. We unpacked and placed in baskets some lovely soft fresh fingers buns the perfect size to fit the sausages and salad in. Then prepared some vegetable skewers using cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, peppers and courgette which take a few minutes to cook and we were sure the children would all enjoy. We covered the tables with lots of dips tomatoes, sweet chilli and a mild curry flavour and made some cheese and onion filling and tuna and sweet corn fillings for the potatoes. We were all finished and then the children arrived and their festive outfits looked amazing!

We helped them make sandwiches with the sausages and filled them with lots of fresh salad the children thoroughly enjoyed the hog roast Esher and they were eating healthy and didn’t even realise it too, that is the thing about hog roasting our menus are always filled with lots of fresh salad and vegetables and along with the meat a very well balanced meal which is so good for you too. The children’s parents enjoyed the hog roast Esher too and said how amazing it tasted compared to the normal party food that most are used to. The sausages are one hundred percent pork and quality is everything to us. The children enjoyed some party games and all had fun and after we finished the party we headed off to do another two in one day that happens a lot but we love to be busy.