Annual Hog Roast Charlwood

Hog Roast Charlwood offer their services to any event that requests a beautifully cooked meal. As well as delivering our own services, we also hire out our professional machines to customers that thrive from doing it themselves.

Last Christmas, John and his girlfriend Laurie hired one of our machines for the third time. They were already experienced in using our hog roast equipment however when our team delivered the kit along with a giant hog, they stayed at the couple’s house and ensured all health and safety precautions were on point along with complete customer satisfaction with our meat.

For their large annual Christmas party, John and Laurie wanted to impress their 90 guests. We knew we could help them achieve this by assisting them with a display of our finest pork crackling, fresh hog roast Charlwood meat and an array of salads to complement each plate. Their friends and family were not disappointed when they arrived at the large hall and saw John sat down with a glass of champagne whilst his large hog cooked away beautifully in our machine.

The low price to hire our machines saves time on making countless different plates of food and most importantly gives you time to spend with your guests along with showing them that you can cook for so many people.

Laurie explained that they will always hire a Hog Roast Charlwood machine for their annual Christmas events as they seem to invite more and more people every year and this requires a lot of meat. “The meat roasted whilst I danced and even enjoyed a glass of wine with my family, I had nothing to worry about because the machine did all of the work!’ was a comment Laurie said to one of our staff members whilst collecting the machine. The couple were also delighted when we offered our cleaning services and left them with a tidy hall and absolutely no washing up!