Corporate Catering For Prodec Networks On A Beautiful Sunny Day

If you’re organising a party or event and you fancy a hog or spit roast, you’ve certainly come to the right place. These days, roasted meat really is suitable for any kind of special occasion or commemoration. A long time ago, it was something reserved only for royalty and the rich but in modern times it’s so much easier, cheaper and quicker to cook meat in this way – although when I say quicker, I still mean several hours if you’re slow-roasting it to perfection like Hog Roast Newbury does! We can impress your guests no end with the fantastic sight of a centrepiece hog roast or with a spit-roasted lamb, turkey, beef joint, or chicken. They look and smell amazing, but they taste even better.

But what about if you prefer something else, like an informal barbecue in your back garden, or, at the other end of the spectrum, a formal dinner party at a posh venue with waiters Surrey - corporate event2serving multiple courses of food? Hog Roast Newbury has years of experience of both these and much more in-between and we can provide the food that you want to be served to your guests, regardless of formality, location or your budget. One of our very popular alternative options is the Southern Slow Roast Menu, where you choose several meats and accompanying dishes, and that’s exactly what we were asked for by Lisa from Prodec Networks recently.

Prodec Networks is a leading UK provider of technology solutions and services, with more than fifteen years of experience in delivering bespoke IT and network solutions. For a company celebration with 60 invited guests, Lisa asked us to provide slow-roasted meats and additional food including a leafy salad and our homemade coleslaw, which we adorn with watermelon slices.

Our dedicated Hog Roast Newbury team arrived at the venue in the morning on this sunny day, in order to set up our gazebo, serving tables and equipment and to prepare and then start slow-roasting the meats. By 2pm, all of the tasty food was ready, so the queues began and we served away until everyone had their fill of our lovely, fresh, homemade food.