Succulent Spit Roast Chicken and Slow Roasted Lamb For A Family Party

Surrey - chicken spit4Hog Roast Bramshott is well-known for providing the best hog roasts in this area and further afield but we can also cook lots of other dishes for your special occasion if you prefer, too. You may want to have us spit-roast chicken, turkey, beef or lamb instead, or perhaps a different bird or animal, or cook up a storm with a barbecue of burgers and sausages. If you’re planning an event and you need several courses, we can provide everything from canapés to homemade starters and delicious desserts, with a buffet main course featuring a slow-roasted hog or a spit-roasted choice or even something totally different. Whatever it is that you have in mind, we can do you proud with tasty options that will satisfy your hunger and that of your guests.

For a family get-together, Hog Roast Bramshott was recently asked by Janet to cook several spit-roast chickens and a slow-roasted hunk of lamb and to serve accompanying dishes too. We can offer various vegetable and potato options, and for this party, we were asked to cook new potatoes, make our homemade coleslaw and put together some garden-fresh salads. We always offer our customers plenty of variety, because we know that everyone’s tastes are different, and that some guests won’t be able to or prefer not to eat certain dishes. That’s why we also have choices for those guests on special diets, too, so vegetarians can enjoy our veggie kebabs with halloumi and vegan guests can enjoy them too, just without the halloumi. We can also make lots of other homemade dishes, like veggie burgers, quiche or stuffed mushrooms or peppers. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our scrumptious offerings, so whatever your needs, please feel free to ask us about our alternatives.

Surrey - chicken Our chef Paul and the Hog Roast Bramshott team arrived in the morning on the day of Janet’s party, as we would be serving the food at lunchtime and it takes time to roast chicken and lamb to perfection. By 1pm, it was time to carve the meat and get ready to serve the hungry guests on lovely China plates, underneath a gorgeous marquee in the grand grounds.