Fantastic Wedding Hog Roast in Tilford.

Today we catered for a fantastic wedding if Tilford, Surrey. The weather was on our side and we arrived nice and early to set up our kitchen and serving area to prepare and serve the 140 guest’s that were later arriving.  As it was a menu 4, we set up all the tables inside a beautiful marquee with crockery, cutlery and well presented napkins, it looked wonderful.  We then set up our serving area indoors as that’s where we were to serve the hog roast Tilford main meal.  For the preparation area, we set up our 3x3m black gazebo with sides and had tables and our hog roast oven set out.
To accompany the slowly roasted hog, we served our wonderful selection of bread rolls and wraps, sage and onion stuffing made using the hog juice and perfectly roasted new potatoes. Along with this we served our popular tomato, mozzarella and basil salad using the finest baby cherry tomatoes on the vine, homemade coleslaw and a fresh green salad using green pepper and spring onion.  To finish the whole dish we served a selection of sauces including homemade apple sauce and hot chilli, salad dressings were also available.
We saw everyone arrive at the venue and the bride and groom shone as they walked into the marquee. We were immediately flocked with guest’s, curious to know what we were serving and to see the wonderful hog roast in Tilford. Everyone couldn’t wait to sit down and eat the main meal we had prepared. Once we had prepared all the salads and pulled the hog roast pork, we were ready to serve. The bride and groom were the first to eat, they couldn’t believe the look of the food they were being served, the same story was employed throughout and everyone was so happy and amazed at what we were serving.
All 140 guests were served an amazing hog roast in Tilford and they loved it, many coming back for seconds. Once the main course had been served, we cleaned down the service area and served homemade ice cream on perfectly made cones to order. The theater was fantastic and the whole crowd got involved which was good to see. As we started to finish off and pack away, we quietly put our equipment back in the van and left everyone dancing into the night. Another great day and another great hog roast from spitting pig surrey.