Wedding Party Hog Roast in Blackheath.

Today we were at the Barnett Hill Hotel in Blackheath. Catering for a wedding party of 60 guests at the hotel, we were providing our very popular hog roast Blackheath menu 1 option.

The hotel were providing their own salads that were to be served alongside the slow roast pork. We had been instructed to serve the meal inside and so once we arrived at 5pm we quickly got to work laying out all our serving tables and equipment in the space provided. Our preparation area was outside, so we set up our 3x3m black gazebo and some tables so that we could easily prepare the pork and accompaniments ready to serve.  Alongside the succulent hog roast pork, we served a selection of bread rolls and wraps, perfect sage and onion stuffing made using the hog juice and a selection of sauces, including homemade apple and hot chilli which both went down a storm.

We were serving the meal at 9pm and once we had set up and got the hog into position so that everyone could come and see what we were up to, we prepared the bread rolls, wraps and stuffing and let the hog rest for a while before starting to strip it down.  The weather had been on our side all day, but it had started to get a little chilly and so we wasted no time in stripping down the beautifully cooked hog roast pork. Once stripped and prepared to the highest of standards, we transported the meat into the serving area with the rest of the food and were ready to serve.

As we were ready to serve before the 9pm mark, we packed down our preparation area outside so that we wouldn’t need to do it after the serve. Once 9pm had come around, the guests were all hungry and ready to get stuck into the hog roast Blackheath meal in front of them. As it was cold many people found it rather appropriate to have a nice warming hog roast roll and quickly came back for more as the night went on. Everyone loved the meal we had prepared for them, and with the salad that the hotel had also prepared the guests were very well fed. Many compliments came our way, with most saying it was the best hog roast in Blackheath they’d ever tasted. A lot of people asked for our card and the hotel said it was the best service from a hog roast they had ever had. Another great hog roast menu 1 for bonfire night in Blackheath from Spitting Pig Surrey.