Bonfire Night Hog Roast, Betchworth.

Here at Spitting Pig Surrey we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of food, at your chosen event for any occasion, and today was no exception.
We catered for Martin at his lovely family cottage near Betchworth. Martin had opted to feed 75 guest’s with our popular menu 4 hog roast pork menu. Succulent hog roast, slowly roasted for ten hours and served alongside a selection of bread rolls and wraps, sage and onion stuffing made using the pork juices and warm baby new potatoes dressed in herb butter. A vegetarian option of chunky vegetable and halloumi skewers was served with it’s own mint yoghurt dressing. Our homemade coleslaw, tomato, mozzarella and basil and a freshly prepared green leaf salad were also served, with homemade apple sauce and a selection of dressings for the salad.

As it was our menu 4, we served the beautiful main meal onto china plates with proper cutlery that we had wrapped in a high quality napkin.
We arrived on site at 3pm to ensure that we would be ready to serve at 8pm. We set up our 3x3m black gazebo just next to the patio doors and in perfect view of all the fireworks that we would later see. Before we knew it the serving and preparation areas of the gazebo were set up and we brought the hog that had been slowly roasting into position for everyone to see. Immediately Martin and his family came out to see the succulent hog roast Betchworth pork, and they couldn’t wait to get stuck in. We prepared the salads with ease and the chunky vegetable and halloumi skewers looked amazing alongside them. Many of the guests arrived early and were all having a good time chatting and getting in the mood of the night. Whilst we were preparing the dishes to be served, Martin took his guests down to the Fire show which was a short walk from his delightful cottage. The fireworks were fantastic and we could hear the many crowds of people all having fun.

On everyone’s return we were ready to serve and at once people started to grab plates and come and get the main meal we had prepared for them. The guests couldn’t believe the amazing food in front of them and the compliments were coming our way before we had even served everyone. Many people came back for more of the hog roast Betchworth pork and told us it was the best they had ever had. We put the leftover food into containers for Martin and his family to keep and quickly and quietly packed away and left everyone dancing into the night.  Another great hog roast event in Betchworth from Spitting Pig Surrey.