Giving Out The Last Of Our Festive Cheer At Hog Roast Chertsey

Hog Roast ChertseyChristmas is never just one day, is it? At Hog Roast Chertsey we had the privilege of retaining just a little bit more festive spirit in January as we got to the last of our festive bookings to dispense the last of our Christmas magic just one more time before it goes away for good until December again.

As an event caterer that festive period is one of our busiest for bookings. Many workplaces come to the likes of Hog Roast Chertsey to book in special festive dining for their end of year parties and staff nights out. It is a great tradition in the UK, but it also means there is a tonne of competition for slots from caterers like ourselves. Unfortunately we can’t always fit all of them in, so we do our best to give our customers extra slots in January should they still wish to stick with our festive catering. That meant the Hog Roast Chertsey team were not quite done with the festive dining celebrations yet these past few weeks.

Hog Roast ChertseyWe had a great time with these events, even if it did perhaps feel odd to technically be celebrating Christmas in January. But, importantly, it is an excuse to enjoy more of the best roast around, so who are we to complain? These customers got just as much festive magic for their event as those that dined with us in January. We loved putting together our turkey and hog roasts just a few  more times before the Hog Roast Chertsey festive menu likely goes away until later in the year again, and we hope now that everyone has been able to get their share of festive cheer with our team that they were after.

Our festive menu is a mix of all the Christmas classics with our own Hog Roast Chertsey specialities. That means the golden turkey is cooked rotisserie style instead of oven roasted, leading to an even better taste. The Christmas ham is our very own hog roast, of course, and our pigs in blankets and roast potatoes are among the best you can get in catering. It’s almost a shame that they now go away until the end of 2024 again, but we loved giving them one last run-out before then!