Hog Roast Caterham Overcame Obstacles To Deliver An Exceptional Feast

In a perfect world, everything would go entirely to plan – but unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and sometimes unforeseen circumstances can get in the way and make things very difficult. While some would be quick to throw in the towel when faced with an unexpected challenge and accept fates cruel intentions, for the Hog Roast Caterham team who don’t believe in giving up, nothing is too much trouble for our clients! If you needed any more proof of their determination, then look no further…

Hog Roast Caterham Having received a booking for 150 people who had plans to enjoy a cowboy-themed barn dance party at their family farm, it was business as usual for Hog Roast Caterham last weekend as they began their morning by loading the van with enough fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to create two of our popular menus – but little did the team know that what was about to happen could potentially ruin the entire event if handled wrongly! With the rain beating down on Surrey, catering manager Matt spent the entire journey battling against the bad weather, but it wasn’t until reaching Redriff Farm that the real nightmare struck.

After getting stuck in a huge patch of mud which no amount of wheel-spinning could free them from – despite over an hour of trying – the Hog Roast Caterham crew were faced with a dilemma. Determined that the show must go on and realising they had no other options left, the team decided to manually transport everything from the van to the marquee which was situated on the other side of the field!

With precious time ticking by and two whole feasts still to prepare, the catering crew banded together and working tirelessly over the next few hours, they managed to create our signature southern slow roast menu and private party menu 3 with all the trimmings. Crisis averted, the Hog Roast Caterham team presented the mouth-watering buffet of succulent meats, delicious salads and inclusive side options to the client who was blown away by how professionally they had managed to overcome the afternoon’s challenge and ensuring that the quality of food was not compromised as a result.