Hog Roast Esher – Not One Hog But Two!!

Hog Roast Esher is often asked to cater for corporate customers as well as private ones, and our wide range of menus are suited to just about any function that you are planning. From conferences to staff parties, team-building events to award ceremonies, we can help you to create the perfect menu or you can choose from one of our existing ones, which feature all kinds of mains and not just our signature centrepiece hog roasts. We truly understand the need for choice and variety, so with us you’ll find a wealth of alternative mains, like spit-roasted whole turkeys and chickens, or hunks of beef and lamb, but also barbecued and marinated meat options too.

Hog Roast EsherNevertheless, you’ll also find plenty of choice for non-meat eaters too as well as those on special diets, so you’ll see dishes like veggie kebabs, quiche, stuffed vegetables, and mac and cheese, for example, as well as a whole host of additional options, including starters, desserts, sides and even handmade canapés if needed. Whatever event you’re organising, Hog Roast Esher can easily provide the food needed to satisfy all kinds of personal tastes, appetites and diets, and all of your guests can be catered for rather than just most.

For a public event at a car dealership that Hog Roast Esher catered on Saturday, Charles had asked us to ensure that both carnivores and vegetarians were covered, as well as anyone with a gluten intolerance or allergy. We suggested our pigs in buns for the main feature, where we cram hot, fresh meat, stuffing and crackling into fresh bread rolls and drizzle with apple sauce, and just by us additionally bringing along gluten-free bread rolls, those guests could also enjoy them too. We also said that for the vegetarian customers, our grilled veggie skewers, full of halloumi cheese, mushrooms, courgette, tomatoes, red onion and peppers, would be a great choice, as they are highly popular and we always get great feedback about them.

Early Saturday morning, our chef prepared and cooked two hogs for hours on end and then later our team prepared the rest of the gorgeous feast, and by lunchtime, dozens of customers were enjoying our food, and Charles even came back for thirds!