Hog Roast Ottershaw – Taking The Stress Out Of Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be such a magical time of year full of festive cheer, long-awaited family gatherings and delicious food; but for those who’ve been placed in charge of handling the kitchen duties, the party season can feel both overwhelming and nervewracking. But what if there was someone else to stand in and take over the responsibility of preparing dinner for the whole family? Well, thanks to Hog Roast Ottershaw this very common train of thought doesn’t have to be a flitting moment of wishful thinking, and this year saw our skilful catering crew help many families all over the country celebrate a stress-free Xmas.

Hog Roast OttershawHaving never catered for more than a handful of people before, Ruby didn’t feel confident in her abilities to cook for all 30 guests by herself; and after scouring the internet for alternatives she discovered a post on the Hog Roast Ottershaw social media page which was advertising one of our last-minute festive bookings. Feeling like she had found the perfect solution to her problem, Ruby got in touch with our customer service team who were more than happy to help her to come up with a bespoke catering package that she and her guests would be sure to fall in love with.

After finalising the arrangements for the event, Ruby felt relieved that the responsibility of serving Christmas dinner had been transferred to our team of seasoned caterers at Hog Roast Ottershaw. With only a few days left to go before the biggest celebration of the year, she was pleased to be able to sit back and enjoy a glass of mulled wine with her loved-ones instead of hitting the busy supermarkets in search of last-minute supplies.

Striving to put the fun back into Christmas, our devoted catering crew arrived at Ruby’s home in the late morning where they lovingly prepared a traditional turkey feast along with the nation’s favourite festive sides which included roasties, pigs in blankets, cauliflower cheese, a seasonal vegetable medley and mince pies. When the metaphorical dinner bell finally chimed a few hours later, Ruby and her family were speechless when they took their first bite of the succulent meat and with plenty of food to go around, everyone helped themselves to extra portions.