Hog Roast Horsell – Spring Snow

We were quite shocked as we woke last week to see snow and to top that a few days from spring! We had a long journey ahead for a corporate event so we rescheduled a new route to avoid the heavy slow traffic and set off that bit earlier. The journey was long but we arrived safe and sound and in plenty of time.

We were met by the Managing Director and he said he was so grateful that we made the effort to turn up and we said we always do we don’t ever like letting our customers down. We set up in the large boardroom and the tables were all set beautifully, we set up the machine and side table and we began. We placed some fresh British beef on the machine we use nothing but the best at Hog Roast Horsell as quality is everything to us. We made a fresh peppercorn sauce for the beef and a mustard sauce we make all our dips fresh at each event too. We covered the tables in an assortment of freshly baked rolls and wraps and then began to make salads. We made a delicious salsa salad using lots of fresh tomatoes and a green salad with croutons and feta cheese. We placed a selection of cheeses on a board and some home made pickles and chutneys. The beef was coming along beautifully and the Director popped his head around the door and said the smell was incredible and his tummy was rumbling! And he didn’t have long to wait as right on time the Hog Roast Horsell was cooked.

The guests arrived and all said they couldn’t wait until the meeting was over as the smell of the meat was making them so hungry. They watched as our chef carved the succulent tender beef into slices and were in awe, as they tasted. In between mouthfuls they were saying how it just melts in the mouth, amazing, delicious and we had to agree! The rest of the food went down well to and the plates were cleared and that is a sight we never tire from seeing. We said our goodbyes and set off for the journey home the snow was coming down heavy now but it did look so pretty we all agreed.